Thursday, May 26, 2005

Mysterious Doorways

I found out about this "Round-Robin" photo challenge over at Babyshark's. I'm not sure what "Round Robin" means, but I know Carly of Ellipsis fame is involved as well as several others whose journals I enjoy. But, it gave me the idea to share these two pictures that I took a while back.

They may seem pretty typical but each picture has a story behind it. Try to guess what the mystery is. I'll give you a couple of hints and come back either tonight or tomorrow to reveal the mysteries.

Hint #1: If you look at the picture of Door #1, it actually reveals the answer to it. But, you'll have to look closely.

Hint #2: As different as these doors are, they are related in some way.


justaname4me2 said...

I must be slow on the take, I'm not getting the clues :o) But I love door number 2, if I was walking along a street I would certainly want to discover whats behind it!

babyshark28 said...

my monitor doesn't display pictures all that well, so if it says anything in small detail I wont be able to see it. But, I wills state the obvious...there elevators :)
the next door, looks like a painting.  So, they are elevators in art museum.

I don't know.

but, great Mysterious Doors!!

mikethedawg said...


geminiwilder said...

ummm....i'm gonna agree with Sharky 'cuz I think her answer is smart and I can't think of one on my own  :)      cool photos anyway!    :)  phinney

ondinemonet said...

Robbie :)

Sweetie what a magnificent surprise to find out you came along with us for the fun! "Round Robin" is the name Karen and I came up with for the photo challenge group we started spontaneously. It has all been so much fun. She and I challenged each other, then invited Duane (fdtate714) then Steven (sepintx) then we just came alive as a group. We call it a round robin, because with each new participant we alternate who chooses the next challenge. We are scheduled to do "crystal" next, that subject was chosen by Steven. I am going back and updating Ellipsis to leave a link to this entry, fabulous by the way, and I really hope you will be coming along for the fun next time. This is so great!

Always, Carly

rap4143 said...

The challenge is fun!!!! I've added you link also. Thinking what is behind the close doors...hmmm.

mavarin said...

1. Are the elevator doors on different floors?

2. Is this in Greenwich, England?

LOVE the second one, especially the scythe.  I'll link to you immediately!


sepintx said...

Very cool elevator doors!
Is it just the one floor that has the painting?

madmanadhd said...

Hmmm... very mysterious indeed. Perhaps the elevators lead down to basement where the fine eating establishment "The Central Meridian" awaits those with need for sustinance. But alas this fine eatery has a rotating menue that always makes each entre for the day quite a mystery... not to mention the only standing entree "Mystery Meat Marinaide." Ah not thanks, I'll pass.

Well, am I close?

Alas my entry is late due to a quirky FTP site but here is none-the-less. I linked your entry in mine and hope many will come over to pursue this wonderful journal. Here is my entry if you would like to see what I've done with Carly's challenge.

madmanadhd said...

Till late and my fingers have a mind of their own... or perhaps have just taken over my meager facilties. Here is the link to my Mysterious door entry.

alphawoman1 said...

I thought painting for the first one...the second I thought a bar entrance! know me!

photographybymon said...

The first one has me intrigued.  Great pictures.  I've joined the group too. :-)


txsguinan said...

Wow!  I've been busy and I just caught this!  What a terrific idea ~ a mystery challenge!

These pictures turned out great ~ those elevators (!).... ;D

deabvt said...


judithheartsong said...

coool! judi

aims814 said...

Hmmm ... I am clueless. ... And it's too late for me to think very deep. Still, I am very much enjoying clicking from journal to journal to see what is next. :)  Very nice photos, Robbie!

Take care!