Saturday, April 30, 2005

Peace and Comfort

Peace in the struggle to find peace.
Comfort on the way to comfort
Sarah McLachlan

It's so hard to find some days. The stresses of life pull at my seams. But, I fight and scratch to find it. It's the only way I can keep my sanity in what seems an insane world sometimes. Attending Sarah McLachlan's concert last Saturday was a short lived dose of peace and comfort. But, its effect was short lived.

I got a call last week from the VP.  In light of all the hours I have been working, they are giving me a bonus on my next paycheck. It should still be a nice chunk of change even after Uncle Sam takes his massive cut. She admonished me to not use it for something practical - to do something for myself. I instantly thought of flying back East to help a friend with her move. However, it seems that isn't a viable option. So, I thought of all the things I should spend it on - a couch, a dining table, the tooth I broke last week, bills. I thought I had my mind made up that I would pay down my credit card debt. It seemed the most logical use of the money. It will save me more in finance charges then it would if I invested it right now. From what I'd save in cutting my finance charges, I could then purchase one of the items I need for my apartment that much sooner. Yes, ALL practical items. It's just how my mind works.

Then...yesterday occurred.  I know the end of the month is always a tough time. I'm used to it. There is always tons of stuff to do to close the month. But, due to some extenuating circumstances, I'm behind on a lot of things. I'm trying to play catch up while I tread water in other areas. Things kept building throughout the day. By the end, I felt my head had been pulled under a couple of times.

I came home poured a glass of wine and began reading some of the entries in my "Simple Abundance" book. I'm a few days behind, so I was reading the entry from April 27th that talked about the need for touch and it's therapeutic powers:

Take one stressed-out woman and isolate her in a tranquil massage room for one hour. Now awaken her physical senses with the scent of the aromatic essential oils; the hypnotic stroking of her face and body....; the beautiful strains of Pachelbel's "Canon" playing softly in the background; the sight of shafts of sunlight dancing on the wooden floors; and the refreshing taste of sparkling mineral water and lemon in her mouth after the sublime massage session is over.

It sold me! I'm using some of that money for a day of pampering. Skin Spa Baby! I'm thinking "A Day of Wellness" is exactly what I need and I'll still have money left over to do some of the practical things that I need to do. That's what you call getting the most bang for your buck!

But, for now, I'm off to tackle the mountains of work I brought home with me.


sistercdr said...

Smart, smart decision girl!!  Stephen Covey of 7 Habits fame calls that sharpening the saw.  It makes you more effective in the long run.

justaname4me2 said...

I think a spa time sounds like a perfect antedote to lifes stresses. When everything else piles up so much that it fills like no matter what direction you turn your still behind, it's the time to place it all aside and take alittle me time. Hang in there and keep that spirit shining!

coy1234787 said...

A day of pampering sounds perfect!
          *** Coy ***

babyshark28 said...

Very good! pamper yourself. I have never done that in my whole life.
someday. someday.
I have a hard time not thinking practicle either, so your not alone there!

ryanagi said...

Fantastic idea! A spa treatment is just the ticket. Hope things lighten up at work for you soon. Stress sucks.

geminiwilder said...

wow, that sounds great.   glad you enjoyed the concert.  wish i could do the spa day with you!  i'll bet most of us wish that!!

and you DESERVE it for all your hard work!


stephweiss said...

YAY on the spa day! Facial + body wrap + massage = stress-free woman.

thesheatons said...

Have a great time at the spa.


lisaram1955 said...

God/dess pointed  you in exactly the right direction.  Perfect!  Lisa  :-]  

bridgetteleigh75 said...

OOH...that sounds NICE.  You've sold me too....but I don't have a big chunk of money.  ::sigh::

Enjoy...and memorize every detail so you can give us a full report.  I'll live vicariously through you.  LOL


ksgal3133 said...

ooo thats a great idea! Enjoy your spa day :)
I cling to the little peace that I have throughout the week in this crazy world, I think we all do or try to. Hang in there!

hestiahomeschool said...

Good for you!  I have both the book and a workbook that she wrote. It is a wonderful mentor...sort of like having a loving grandma guide you.

alphawoman1 said...

It sounds wonderful!

mcjerseygiri said...

Hope it proves to be relaxing. I have only had one professional massage and the woman told me HER problems the entire time. I was annoyed but still tipped her and went my way. I was no more relaxed than when I went in the door. I later learned that they are not supposed to do that. IF I ever go for another I would ask her to be quiet so I can enjoy some serenity. I didn't pay for mine it was a gift and the woman who gave me the certificate was furios at my experience. She called and complained but the manager said I should have told her to stop. They lost two clients that day. Hope yours goes well. Many people love them. Nelle

judithheartsong said...

Sarah!!!!! Oh, Someday I would love to see her in concert. You have been working so hard. Take good care of yourself, this pampering is a good start. Big hugs Robbie!! judi

mikethedawg said...

oh I'm so jealous.....A FREAKIN SPA....ahhhhhhh.
Enjoy Robbie....Truely enjoy and revel in the pampering! You deserve it!

andreakingme said...

Now this seems like JUST the ticket, Robbie. I'm so glad to read that you're spending some of that well-deserved bonus money on YOU.

I've heard of these Simple Abundance books before ... methinks they must be pretty good.

lamove04 said...

Spa day sounds great, paying down credit cards sounds great too, hope you can do both!  :-)

I have to laugh a little at the "Simple Abundance" reference... I found a copy of this book laying on the street and took it home and read some of it... some great ideas, but it was way too geared to the Ladies for me to really integrate it fully, I wished it were a little broader in its target audience.  And some of the author's purple prose really bugged me, too flowery for my tastes. JMHO, LOL.

shayreen1 said...

     my first time here. i would love a
here is my journal.

lisita15 said...

That sounds like a great compromise!!!! I am glad that you were able to figure that out and still get 2 for the price of 1... well you know what I mean!!! whoo-hoo... lisa

ckays1967 said...

Then...yesterday occurred.  I know the end of the month is always a tough time. I'm used to it. There is always tons of stuff to do to close the month. But, due to some extenuating circumstances, I'm behind on a lot of things. I'm trying to play catch up while I tread water in other areas. Things kept building throughout the day. By the end, I felt my head had been pulled under a couple of times.

I am always amazed by silly people who think the month actually ENDS on the last day on the calendar.  Only accountants know when a month REALLY ends.


deabvt said...

Woo Hoo! Good choice. You deserve it!