Wednesday, April 27, 2005

It's Art! Isn't it?

While on hiatus, I actually did have the opportunity to comtemplate great works of art. Gigi and I went to LACMA. It had barely been two months since Kevin and I had been there. However, that's the great thing about large musuems, there is always more to discover.

Gigi and I spent a good portion of our time viewing the galleries that contained the modern pieces. I'm not usually all that interested in modern works of art but after our trip, I truly gained a greater appreciation. Hopefully, I'll find the time to share pictures of some of the things we saw. Some of the items were down right comical. - A plush white stuffed bunny dressed in leather hanging upside down by a chain. I forget the artist's name or the title of the work but we named it "Bad Bunny."  It's partner in the gallery was a bizarre looking head with a nose and mouth clearly of a sexual nature. I took pictures of these too. Once I have a chance to review the AOL Terms of Service (TOS), I may post them.

But, that got me to thinking about TOS and how odd that I even have to worry about it. After all, these are pieces that hang in a major museum. The galleries aren't restricted and labeled "mature audiences only." After all, it's art. It's subjective. What one may find offensive, another finds meaningful. Where does art stop and pornography begin? Why do we try to impose our views on someone else? If I find something offensive, I can walk away. Why should a person be prohibited from expressing him or her self in case I "might" happen upon it? These are personal choices for all of us to make as individuals. I can't make that choice for you nor should you be allowed to make that for me. I do believe there are some things, such as child pornography, that are just morally reprehensible no matter what your cultural beliefs might be. There is no logical argument that can justify such a thing.

Some day I would love to learn how to paint. There's something inside of me that wants to express myself through that creative art form. But what about now? Would something I create be considered art merely because it's hanging in a gallery amongst other items that someone somewhere has deemed artistic? What do you think?

If you would like to create your own masterpiece, click here. But, be forewarned, it's addictive.

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judithheartsong said...

great entry... if you don't like it, walk away. That works in all kinds of instances, instead of trying to sanitize everything to 1 standard. judi

lisaram1955 said...

Robbie, you should be a member of every committee that ever considers the act of censorship.  Good, logical argument against...  Love your masterpiece, by the way.  Lisa  :-]  

babyshark28 said...

Hey, LOVE the art up there on the wall. :D  I didn't even notice until I looked at your screename on the pic. Very clever. :)

I think Art is any created form of expression, no matter where it is placed.  On the side of the road for sale?  Still art.

Now, me go clickey. :)

justaname4me2 said...

I would be further appalled if AOL tossed a journal because it was displaying art of any kind. Your right about the child pornography, that is not a freedom of expression. There are forms of art that would be offesive to some, but it should be a personal choice, not an AOL choice. So post away!
Take Care,

ryanagi said...

I like your tree. ;-)

digihouse said...

I say if the trained art professionals that sit at the heads of major world-class art institutions like the LA County Art Museum, the Getty, the Met, the Louvre etc. have decided certain pieces and/or the ideas that they represent have merit, then they must have some merit.  Art exists to challenge as well as appease.  

And if the great brains that make up the AOL Editorial Gatekeepers find them offensive, then let them click elsewhere ~ I'm sure there's yet another shot of "Dogs Playing Poker" somewhere.  Perhaps they can feature it.

PS ~ Love the 'krobbie67' original!  Can I lease/purchase?   ;)  

bridgetteleigh75 said...

Robbie ~

I'm guessing you could probably do a little better than a stuffed bunny in leather hanging upside down.  LOL  I say go for it!


p.s.  I've always preferred expressing myself in words.  As an artist, I'm pretty sure I just might suck.  <grin>

hestiahomeschool said...

I've worried that some of my Vulva/Yoni art that I find and post are going to get me in deep trouble with TOS

lamove04 said...

What can be shown on gallery and museum walls in LA would not fly in many other parts of the country.  Robert Mapplethorpe, who did very sexual photography, S&M, etc, (as well as gorgeous flower photos) had major censorship battles in his career. But was shown and collected extensively as well.  As one example.

I went to a show of the Artist Jeff Koons-- most of it was PG-rated but they had one room of his "Adult" stuff that was cordoned off from the kiddies.  That seemed like a fair compromise to me.

I enjoy when you write about your art adventures, Robbie...

deabvt said...

Hey! There you are! Virtually!
And you saw Sarah McLaughlin? Wonderful!

floralilia said...

hi robbie!  I think your artwork is lovely!  it's a great site - I'm addicted...