Saturday, March 05, 2005

Ten Things I've Done That You Probably Haven't

I brought home all kinds of work to do this weekend. I resolve to get it done today so I can goof off tomorrow. But, I couldn't help but procrastinate a bit by taking the torch from Trish, who I believe received it from the Dawg, who got it from Andi, who got it from Scalzi.

Damn him for lighting it! Hmmm....there's a Yak-Yak missing. Gigi? Now, I bet hers would be one humdinger of a list!

Without further ado:

1.   I've fired a machine gun, grenade launcher, LAW, and a sawed-off shotgun, amongst other weapons.

2.   I've drawn blood, given shots, started IV's, and inserted Foley catheters without having a license to do so.

3.   My feet have been in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Gulf of Mexico, and one of the Great Lakes.

4.   I have resided in nine states and have had over forty addresses within those states and only three of those addresses and two of those states can be attributed to the military.

5.   I had a conversation with Bob Hope in the parking lot of a Wendy's restaurant in a small town in North Carolina.

6.   I've watched the movie Blade Runner an uncountable number of times (20, 30, maybe more - it's uncountable, I tell you), enough so that I have Roy Batty's (played by Rutger Hauer) dieing lines memorized:

       I've seen things you people would not believe - attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I've watched seabeams glitter in the dark near the ten-houser gates. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in the rain. Time to die.

7.   At the age of 17, a highschool graduation present that I received was to see a male revue, that's a classy term for male strippers - lots of them. Approximately five years later, I went to a female strip club - twice.

8.   At the age of 12, I took a train from Chicago, Illinois to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania unaccompanied.

9.   I've worked in the military, medical, legal, financial, accounting, manufacturing, retail, farming, insurance, and restaurant industries. Other than education, I've pretty much covered every general field of work. I like where I'm at now the best.

10.  I've seen Jeffrey Nording and Billy Chenowith naked as a jay-bird. I'm talking full frontal nudity baby, and in person.

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rollinghillsides said...

After reading Freee's, and now your list of 10, I see how really dull and shallow a life I've lived (or NOT lived)!  At 65 and newly retired, I see that I haven't even BEGUN to live!!  A very impressive list you have here ...  (I'm sooooo curious about #10...  Jake was my favorite on "Once and Again", I watched every episode and was sad when it ended!)  (Phinney's mom)

babyshark28 said...

crap. with every growing 10 things list, I am getting more attempted to see what there is I have done, that someone else hasn't.   I just kept thinking my life is too boring for this particular exercise.  But, it could just be something I need to do.  who knows.
but, I love your list. it shows that you have lived a pretty full and adventurous life. One that contains very little fear.  For me, that's impressive. :)

geminiwilder said...

WOW what a list Robbie-girl!!!   Cool stuff.  I'm a little weirded out by my mom's interest in a naked Jeffrey Nording!  ACK!!!!  

:~)  Phinney

freeepeace said...

Uhh...I REALLY wanna hear more about #10.  ::pittah-pattah::

Interesting list.  What's it like firing all those weapons?  I don't even think I've seen Blade Runner.  So cute that you know the dialogue.

Funny, I have about the same amount of work history background.  But only two fields cross over.  [among mine were sporting goods, importing/exporting, entertainment, education, marketing, promotions, housekeeping, oh and uh dogwalking.  our crossovers are insurance and retail.  together we cover the globe eh?]

Whatever.  Back to work.  :P

donah42 said...

I had to re-read this carefully, because for a moment I thought Hauer's death speech was one of your top ten---LOL. Yeah. I'm an idiot:)

plieck30 said...

Well Robbie it looks like you've been there and done most of it. Interesting list. Paula

judithheartsong said...

well, there you go!!! judi

txsguinan said...

Holy Cow, Batgirl!  You are my hero!  Although I have tried mightily to live the life of an adventuress, I can see I have fallen far short of the mark.  

You have fired weapons, drawn blood illegally and traveled well; chatted with Hope and partied with strippers ~ and I'm not even going to ask you for the full details of #10 (although we're dying to know).  I believe I would have liked to have done all those things!  I can't imagine a single interesting thing I've done that I think no one else has.  At least nothing I'm willing to cop to online...  ;D  

ryanagi said...

Blade Runner! I knew there was a reason I liked you soooo much. LOL I love love love that movie. I've seen it maybe 15-20 times myself. Seen the director's cut? It's so weird without the filler dialog and music. Much better, I think. As for #10...Billy! Yummy! I wanna hear more about that one. LOL

realitycheckmco said...

I love it.. I even got in on the game!

ksgal3133 said...

Very cool! Ben has done a few of those things, military of course. Your my hero :)


onestrangecat said...

what a life you have had!  thanks for sharing.


indigosunmoon said...

Hm....You've got me wondering about these
nekked liasons.  lol

bridgetteleigh75 said...

LOL ~ okay girl....spill it.  We all want to know the story that goes along with #10.  <grin>

Oh...and did you actually LIKE moving around that much?  I think moving would have to be on my list of things I hate to do most.  ::sigh::  


lamove04 said...

I still haven't gotten over #1-- you with a sawed-off shotgun!  Watch out world!!
;-) Albert

kdalton857 said...

Okay maybe I didn't remember it, but you really should give your gay boyfriend credit for #10... you wouldn't have been there, afterall, if it wasn't for sweet lil' ole moi! ;-)

msyahtzee said...

Billy Chenowith......yummy.  Jealous!  Great list and even greater picutre of Laguna- so gorgeous!  -Kari

robertasbro said...

Dear Robbie - bragging about shooting weapons is real cool.  The naked guy stuff with frontal nudity - you are so busted and in trouble.  Your grounded!  SIGNED, YOUR CONSERVATIVE BIG BRO

kathlyna22 said...

woo hoo, full frontal eh??
Sounds hot
I love these lists.
yours is great!

guardianfas said...

But then again, I've done at least ten things you haven't....and perhaps equally, if not more colorful to boot!  So there!

grofsand said...

Nording and Chenowith ..a full frontal? You need to stop hanging out in the mens room at  "Silk, the Club"..... :)

Hey...great  stuff here....think I'll pull up a chair ...can't wait to see what will happen next!       Safe Journies    Marc :)

andreakingme said...

Wow, Robbie. You're so interesting! No wonder you're so intuitively smart, girl; I think you've been there, done it ALL.

I think I'd have croaked on the spot to have seen a male review at the age of 17. I was HUGELY naive.

So are you going to flesh these 10 things out and give us the scoop behind the scoop? Never mind that your life is so busy and you're tired, hungry and that the house needs cleaning! Flesh 'em out, babe.

Foot Tapping Andi

st0rmwhispers said...

10.  I've seen Jeffrey Nording and Billy Chenowith naked as a jay-bird. I'm talking full frontal nudity baby, and in person.

Gee I hope you took pictures!  LOL.... for posterity (or posterior) of course...

nellemclaughlin said...

I think you've had a damn interesting life! Nelle

tepoorten9 said...

I've taken a leak next to both Ziggy Marley and Babe Winkelman. Not at the same time of course.

How does that grab you?