Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Introducing: Cartoon Robbie

I'm feeling a wee bit bitchy tonight.

Woops, can I say that in the red states? Oh hell, I'm in a blue state, one of the few safe havens left in America. Maybe, I should add a disclaimer for all the rest.

Disclaimer: If you are in a red state, you are not permitted to read this entry. Or any others for that matter. What are you doing reading at all? You might actually begin to think for yourself instead of trying to think for every one else.

Since I can't, or won't, bitch about what I want to, I decided to pick something that has been festering inside me ever since I read the first news report. I actually did some research and planned on doing a well thought out argument regarding the whole matter, but I'm not in the mood. I just want to stomp my feet and whine. Why take the time to construct a sensible argument anyhow? It will only fall on deaf ears.

As such, in support of  SpongeBob, I am becoming a cartoon character in my sidebar until I have a chance to revamp the old one. Lest you think I cropped out myself doing something naughty in that photo, like forgetting to wear my chastity belt, I thought I'd include a full body picture here in this entry. I promise that the boombox is kept at a very low decibel, it will never, ever, play the Dixie Chicks, and I'll never let the likes of Marilyn Manson singing "Personal Jesus," cross its airwaves. After all, Marilyn Manson couldn't possibly be referring to the same one that James Dobson does. 

"Their inclusion of the reference to 'sexual identity" within their 'tolerance pledge' is not only unnecessary, but it crosses a moral line," James Dobson, founder of Focus on the Family, said in a statement released Thursday.

Hmmm...we shouldn't tolerate someone whose sexual identity is unacceptable to us. What should we do? Stone them? Where's the love? This is just too surreal for me. I'm jumping on the cartoon bandwagon where life is real. Come on Bob, I'll hold your hand, THAT will be okay, because I'm a girl.  And, I promise I won't try peeking at your underwear. That's nasty and crosses a moral line.

Update: I thought I'd include a link to the "horrendous" tolerance pledge here too. So you can see just how evil those immoral people are who propagate the likes of SpongeBob.


mlraminiak said...

Yep...Bob has crossed the moral line.  Gee, I never was much of a Spongebob Fan...until now.  Lisa  :-]

babyshark28 said...

I love cartoon robbie, so cute!!  and it's a GREAT drawing....superb.  Did Gigi do that?  Did you ?  
I do have to say though, that the real robbie is beautiful. :D

Ok...I just wrote a whole paragraph about my point of view...and I deleted it all. So,  I hope you don't mind. But, I am just going to smile and wave from the bushes on this one.  I am sure there is a wise quote out there backing me up, something about picking your battles.   Anyway, I am just going to say.
I hear you.

redhdka said...

oh my god how cute is that. That is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And thank god I am in a blue state too

ryanagi said...

YEEESSSS! Solidarity for Sponge Bob!! He's there, he's square, get used to it!

sistercdr said...

I wanna be a cartoon!  Can I hold hands with Patrick the Starfish too?

andreakingme said...

Well, I don't know what the poop is on dissing SpongeBob and that pledge of tolerance I just read, but I see nothing wrong with either. Considering how things are in TODAY'S world, that pledge of tolerance should be a requirement for all children.

Honestly, I don't know what we can do about the adults who'd feel otherwise; it's next to impossible to change how a person feels and I say if they want to be predjudiced, if they want to discrimate, let them do it from hell since that's where they're headed anyway.

People just love to have something to bitch about.

(Great cartoony you, Robbie!)

uberdude333 said...


obreelo said...

Your assumption that all those living in "red" states cannot think for themselves is offensive and condescending.  By your way of thinking, I should now assume that all those living in "blue" states are offensive and condescending, but I know better.

Stop your whining about injustices and channel your energy towards doing something to make a difference in your beliefs instead of placing the blame on "other people."  As long as you focus your hatred on those whose opinions differ from yours, you are not helping accomplish anything except promoting animosity among people; people, I might add who have the right to believe anything they choose to believe in this world.  Having a rant in your journal doesn't accomplish anything except make you look as intolerant as you claim all those who live in the "red" states are.

freeepeace said...

Excellent entry Robbie.  I love your cartoony self.  

I'm outraged.  I read a bit about this in another journal but hadn't read all the reports that are presenting themselves now.

It was my mistake to read the previous comment before commenting myself.  [i clicked read instead of add]  That commenter clearly doesn't know who you are and thinks it's okay to rant in your comments but not okay for you to rant in your own journal.  Obviously you struck a nerve with someone -- GOOD FOR YOU.  That's actually a backhanded compliment.  I'll bet that commenter will think about this entry for a long time. [and give you hits on your counter all day! woohoo!]

It's NOT OKAY for the Christian activists to put any kind of disclaimer on anything that doesn't involve the church.  Leave religion out of the state.  This is enraging.  The activists bring it on themselves, as they are openly "God Fearing."  I mean, come on!  Right there it proclaims fear-based thinking.

Doesn't matter.  All this hype is just gonna divide us more (in this case, it starts with the Christian activists).  Plus, it's gonna drive more people to see and buy all these 'gay' products.  Anything with a 'ban' is more desireable.  Geez, now *I* even wanna see the SpongeBob video -- and he annoys me to no end.

...maybe i shoulda had my coffee first.

fancykat28 said...

Hey,  I'm in a red state.........and I don't ever let anyone think for me.  I feel the same as you, Robbie, this cartoon and sexual preference has nothing at all to do with the other.  Two totally different subjects and THEY crossed the line with this BS!  What's next???  four more years........I keep telling myself just 4 more years.  But as long as there is "nitpickers" they'll find something to, well, NITPICK!!!!  *Chrissy*

sanforized6 said...

You really got the juices flowing on this one. Love it! I'm in your corner, the corner where "thought ," over "fear of God'" still has a chance. I live in a red state, so this email is probably diverted thru some "moral vacuum scrubber" before you get it. If it makes no sense, blame GW and his boys. rich

onestrangecat said...

Evidently I live in a cave.  Got no idea what most of this is about.  Guess I had better click on the links.  what color state am i in?  


hope5555 said...

Let's all stand in solidarity with SpongeBob, and also Ernie & Bert from Sesame Street and Marcie & Peppermint Patty from "Peanuts"!  All of whom have been impugned lately by the same gay-bashing nutjobs! I LOVE your cartoon character!

lamove04 said...

LOL, forgot all about Marcie and Peppermint Patty, thank you, commenter below!

As a rule, I've tried to stop dating cartoon characters--they're just too superficial.
But I would go out for coffee with Cartoon Robbie!   --Albert

readmereadyou said...

I'm a blue state and oh so proud of it. It's just too bad we all have to pay for what they did.

lisbnjvi said...

Hey, I'm proud to say I am in a blue state and enjoyed reading your entry!!  New Englanders are very smart people don't ya' know?!  I actually just got into an argument with a woman I work with today over Bush.  I let it drop though because once a Republican has their mind up that Bush is God, there is no swaying them.  It actually scares the living daylights out of me!  Love your cartoon character!  You are looking good Robbie!  :)
Hugs and love (is that still okay or is that immoral yet?),

sunflowerkat321 said...

I'm relieved to say I live at the bluer end of a blue state (whew!)  My husband's talking about moving us somewhere RED....but I'm holding my ground.

I can't believe there'is an adult alive that doesn't have better things to do than concern themselves with Sponge Bob....

Your cartoon's pretty cute...!

grodygeek said...

Good grief (Charlie Brown) of course we should be tolerant.

Just how does a kid's cartoon go about being gay?

And if he is, well does that make my kids gay by watching?

And if it does, well should I rush out and reprogram the V-chip?

Because lord knows, I wouldn't want my kids to be healthy gay people. Right? Just unhappy closeted ones starved for love and fullfillment?

Of all the things the goofy right wants to pursue. First the teletubbies, now SpongeBob. He's a movie star for cryin' out loud.

Will I ever survive four more years of this lunacy?

the cycling curmudgeon

thesheatons said...

Thank you for the wonderful entry. Right on target. Frankly I felt more than a wee bit bitchy when this first surfaced. More along the lines of ?!?!?!?!?! Your're kidding rightt? WRONG. Just when you tihnk life can't get any weirder.


indigosunmoon said...

I just did an entry about this myself!  Well, actually I just copied the copy of Mark Morford's column in my journal.   Anyway, this is a big ole steaming pile of hogshit if you ask me!  
SpongeBob lovers Unite!
Love you as a cartoon!  Too cute you are!

robbush6 said...

I like Cartoon Robbie. Reminds me of another toony I know.

txsguinan said...

Oh, no...Robbie!  Someone should have warned you that taking that dreadful tolerence pledge would TURN YOU INTO A TOON!!!  I did, and look what happened to me.  

No matter ~ I LOVE your Toony self.  And Welcome to Toon Town.  We're a pretty tolerant bunch, more's the pity.  We definitely do not receive the James Dobson-Lou Sheldon-Jerry Falwell-whichever smug, sanctimonious fathead-you-can-name Seal of Approval, a fact that we flaunt on our flag.

Yay, us!   :)

mcjerseygiri said...

I had kind of hoped when Jim Baker's affair was made public and JImmy Swaggart's love for hookers and porn was made public that some of these other ministers and public figures would realize that they shouldn't be pointing fingers at others. Who cares what SpongeBob's sexual orientation is? He's a CARTOON to begin with .... this is the most absurd thing ever. No doubt this group will inspire some SpongeBob porn to be created. Good job guys. NOT. Nelle

craigdelli said...

Good stuff!  I agree with your point of view 100 percent on this.

judithheartsong said...

ahhhhaaahahhhaaaaaaaaaa. There ya go!!!!!!!! ahahahahaaaaaaa. Yippee! judi

geminiwilder said...

Hi, SpongeRobbie Roundpants!  
You just keep on writing about whatever it is you believe in, that is your right, here in your very own journal.  I've watched Spongebob Squarepants for a few years, gee, never once thought he was a 'gay icon'.  I don't think my 8 yr. old son does either.  People need better things to focus on!!!!!!!  Sheesh.  Sheesh!!!  

kathlyna22 said...

i heard about that.
what are we coming to?
Cute cartoon !

linus131999 said...

lol cute avitar mine was on the beach with a bikini how not true that really is lol but none theless id be on the beach just not with a bikinni on lol

thisismary said...

Ah!  Love your journal even though I am a rightish voter smack dab in the reddest of red states (ohio).  Don't be too hard on us, mostly it is cold here too much of the year and the jets fly over but mostly don't land.  Mostly.  :-)

diannevan said...

Here's my admission... I can never remember what "red state" and "blue state" mean.  And this year, since the vast majority of voting states had margins of less than 5%, I'd say we're all just a bunch of Red People or Blue People making up Purple States.

lisita15 said...

Hi Robbie, I couldn't believe what was said and just thought to myself... "geez, is there nothing else that they can focus on?!?!?!".... Love your cartoon!!! How did you create it?!?!?! Lisa

danielled1 said...

Look at you!!! I love it!!


deabvt said...

Great Graphic, Robbie!

xzasporated1 said...

Please leave your blue state and come live with blue me in my red state.  We need more blues here.  We even have a cartoon character as our unofficial mascot.  

~~ jennifer

slowmotionlife said...

Hey, hey, hey... just because I live in a Red State doesn't mean I can't think for myself.  It's hard as hell to be a democrat in Texas, without you coming along and telling me I'm not welcome here!!!  Sheeeeeeesh.  tehehehe... As for whether or not Spongebob is gay, I couldn't care less.  He's sexy either way.  Rawrrrrrr... LOL  You make an adorable cartoon, by the way.  :D

tepoorten9 said...

This quote is in your profile: "Personal Quote "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you"

This is in your entry: "Disclaimer: If you are in a red state, you are not permitted to read this entry. Or any others for that matter. What are you doing reading at all? You might actually begin to think for yourself instead of trying to think for every one else."

I guess the contrast gives me carte blanche, as you seem to want me to treat you as you treat me.

Were you capable of thinking for yourself you might have noticed that nobody in the Republican Party is interested in Dobson's remarks about Sponge Bob. The only people who seem to be giving him any credibility is empty headed liberals like you.

There are extremists on both sides of the aisle. The difference is, the ones on the right are paid very little attention. Most of us Republicans laughed at Dobson. The ones on the left, like Churchill and Dean, are championed.

This is why your party is in the middle of the biggest power drain in modern history. If you could think for yourself you might not need me to point it out to you.

BTW...Before you flame me as just another mindless red-stater, I live in a blue state. Therefore I CAN think for myself and I have determined in my wisdom that liberals like you are what is wrong with the Democratic Party. You are the anchor on the party...Congrats.

What a hypocrit.

tepoorten9 said...

Ok, I've had a decent nights sleep and some coffee now and realize that I missed the sarcasm in this entry.

Sorry Robbie, but this red state-blue state stuff is making me nuts. I over-reacted.

I too, am an advocate for Sponge Bob. I could really care less if he is or isn't gay. Frankly, if he is, he has only added more diversity to my life. I can, indeed, say that I have another gay friend.

Dobson is driving me batty, but not nearly as batty as the people who use him to paint all conservatives as his devotees. I am a conservative, an athiest, a supporter of gay adoption and civil unions. The last time I cared what Dobson said was...well...never.

Most of us on the right could care less about Dobson's opinions. That hasn't stopped liberals from constantly wondering what cartoon character "people like me" are going after next.

It was a long night of reading insults to red staters and I overeacted to your sarcasm. Sorry.

With egg on my face,