Monday, November 15, 2004

Robbie's Ramblings

I haven't done one of these entries in a while. I figured I need a break from my more serious theme that I have going on. I was an absolute sluggard this weekend. I stayed home Saturday because the cable guy was supposed to show up to fix my fricken cable. He was here last Saturday. He fixed the problem I was having then but left me with a new problem. Cable sucks! Now, I know why I haven't wasted my time and money on it all these years. I stupidly made the appointment for 4pm - 6pm. As such, I felt trapped in the house all day. So, I began reorganizing my closet. I think I finally have it situated so I can fit everything in just right. Now, to get everything in there. I am anal about my laundry. I sort it to death and wash it as the labels specify. I even fold it perfectly. I hang everything facing to the left. But, here's the crux, actually getting it folded and hung. That's the part I hate. Did I do it this weekend? Nope! I was a sluggard. But, ah... I have off Friday. Woohoo!! A short work week.

I was supposed to take a vacation next week. I planned on going to Florida to see my dad. I decided to cancel it. I'm just now beginning to get caught up at work and didn't want to throw it all out the window. I'll be going to Texas next month though. It feels like ages since I've been there. But, it's only been a year. My friend Debbie called me to harrass me about how much time I will spend with her. So much going on there too. I look forward to seeing her, but am a bit fearful of the drama too. Her son, who I have known since he was three and is now eighteen is doing some really stupid stuff. It's going to take every bit of my strength not to chew him out royally. It makes me grateful that I'm not a parent. I don't think I could handle it.

The above is a collage of pictures from my vacation in September to visit my brother in Illinois. My sister-in-law and I had went on a walk by the river. I showed one from the walk already. I was cleaning up my hard drive some and realized I have all these pics that I've done nothing with, so I've been playing with them some. Nothing much else going on, I was a sluggard this weekend. :-(


geminiwilder said...

well, sluggard, we could start a sluggard-weekend club, because that's pretty much me on the weekend too!  and you didn't do 'nothing', you helped me out with my gingerbread document!  so thank you, you giant slug!!  LOL!  :)   Phinney    oh, and p.s. my Mom did comment, on your last entry!  I just saw it!   :)

alphawoman1 said...

You got a lot accomplished in one dull weekend!!

ryanagi said...

This was a slug weekend here too. Looks like a pretty spot where you went walking. :-)

judithheartsong said...

Liked this one, judi

magogos said...

Sounds to me you were a busy sluggard. Nice collage. Margo

readmereadyou said...

We all need to be a sluggard now and then. Don't be hard on yourself. I do it often and I'm proud of it. LOL! One thing great about aging, you realize what's really important. I was once a laundry fanatic too. Not any more. LOL!
Hope your cable gets fixed. It's annoying.....cable guys are getting the same reputations as insurance salesmen. : )


lisbnjvi said...

Hey man, got some 'shrooms?  Hee-hee!  I don't think I have ever heard the word "sluggard" but I like it and intend to use it from now on!  From one sluggard to another, have a good Friday off!!  :)
Hugs and love, Lisa

freeepeace said...

So ...  what'd you do this weekend?  :P  No worries, I'll slap my own wrist for being a wise-ass.

Being a "sluggard" (great word by the way) is one of my favorite things to do on weekends.  Actually, it's great during the week too.  Seems many of us are enjoying slugging lately.

I agree with you - cable sucks.  Although, I really can't complain about my current cable company.  Surprisingly, I'm pretty happy with the consistent hassle-free service.  It's really Adelphia that sucks.  That's the real bummer.  I've been there.  I feel for ya.  Sorry.  But hey, waiting for the cable guy does provide the perfect sluggard opportunity.

Beautiful pictures - love the display.

ksgal3133 said...

aww beautiful pics :)
Have fun in TX...I miss living there. Teens are hard and I hope your friends teen starts to calm down!
Have a great week :)


deabvt said...

Great collage, robbie,

babyshark28 said...

ummm. it's OK being a sluggard sometimes.  If not, then I am in big doo doo. :P

Love your pictures :D  It looks like a lovely lush walk you went on.  IRUN's brother lives in Illinois, Maryland.  It's by St. Louis...sort of.

enjoy your cable.

plieck30 said...

Hon you better stay single if you had a man around those clothes wouldn't stay hanging to the left. They can drive you crazy. Paula

thesheatons said...

Great pictures. Sometimes I think problems like cable are like bunny rabbits. They multipy when you aren't looking. :-)