Monday, October 18, 2004

Testing Photos

I'm testing the add photo feature for Blogger. I like to include pics in my AOL Journal. And, I want to test out the options here before I get to my old entries that I am currently transferring over to here where I began adding pictures.

It doesn't seem too difficult to post pictures here. I have to mess with the html some in order to get the text to wrap. I am definitely not an html wizard. Ha, I barely know any of it. I just knock around until it does what I want it to.

It looks like this is working so far. It isn't quite as user friendly as AOL's though. However, I've grown comfortable with AOL. I wasn't so comfortable there when I started out though. All this is new to me. But, it's fun figuring it out.

This is a picture that I am posting to a current entry on my AOL Journal. So, this entry is out of context. But, c'est la vie. Posted by Hello

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