Monday, July 12, 2004

Food and Stuff

Weekend Assignment  #14: Write a haiku about your most cherished snack food or carbonated beverage.


I think Kevin thinks that I have finally lost my mind. I had to take a picture of this plate before I would eat it. I explained that Slomo takes such great food pictures and I want to give it a try. It looks like a boring plate of pasta! How she can make two tacos look scrumptious enough to dive through the screen for, I'm not sure. However, this is a noteworthy event to capture.  I cook so rarely now that I am living alone again that it should be celebrated. I find myself eating mono these days. (No not the virus that Freee is suffering through.) What I mean by mono is that I eat single items such as a salad, or a bowl of cereal, or scrambled eggs, or a piece of meat. It just seems wasteful to make a full meal that I will only be able to eat a small portion of and end up wasting the rest. Kevin came over today to help me put together some shelves I bought for my closet and to hang my curtain rods in my livingroom. It's really frustrating that everything you buy now-a-days has to be put together. Has it always been this way? As payment for helping me out, I made dinner for Kevin and packed the leftovers up for him to take with him. I might have Kevin over for dinner more often so I can get a more balanced diet. I told him I was going to create a "Honey-Do" List for him. There's still so much I need to do in my apartment. Currently, I am painting my desk/bookcase. I got all but the siderails primed this weekend. This week I am going to put the shelves that Kevin assembled for me to good use by organizing my closet. My bed arrives on Saturday and I'd like to have my bedroom ready to go when they get here.

On Tuesday, Kevin and I are going to see Sarah Mclachlan's concert at the Anaheim Pond. I'm not one for going out on a work night. Sad to say, but I think my age is showing. It's actually that I run numbers and stare at a computer all day so I need my mind to be fresh. But, I'm really excited to actually have plans. On Friday, (yes - twice in one week) I am going out to help Kevin celebrate his birthday. I have no clue what to get him for his birthday. Any ideas would be appreciated. I asked him but he didn't give me any help. Buy him a drink, he said. Thanks. The cost of drinks these days, I'd almost say yes. But, I like to give people something special and unique for them. Figuring it out is the problem. His apartment is well stocked. Help!

One last thing, I'm sure many of you already know about the Journal Awards, but in case there is a stray person out there who hasn't heard, I am including the below info for your nominating pleasure. When I first came upon J-Land, the first awards were in the voting stage. It was great fun to read all the journals and pick my favorites. It's also how I found a lot of the great journals that I read. The stage of the awards right now are the nomination stage. It's a great chance to showcase your favorites. For further information, check out Gregg's journal.

Journal Award Nominations

1. THE KING/QUEEN OF J-LAND (The Best Over-all Blog)

2. LORD OF THE BLOG (Best Male Journal)

3. THE KING/QUEEN OF J-LAND (Best Female Journal)

4. Most LOL Moments in One Journal

5. BIGGEST GRAPHICS HO! (Focus on non-animated graphics that enhance each entry and the journal as a whole)

6. BEST USE OF ANIMATION (Do the animated images truly reflect the content of the entries?)

7. THE SHUTTERBUG AWARD (The emphasis here is on pure photography)

8. MOST THOUGHT-PROVOKING JOURNAL (Which journals make you really think? Which journalers give you the opportunity to see the same subjects in a different light?)

9. THE ROOTIE TOOTIE FRESH ´N FRUTIE AWARD! (Reserved for bloggers who created their first journal within the last 45 days)


11. BEST USE OF MASKED VULGARITIES (Anyone can be vulgar! But it takes skill to get your nasty point across without letting Satan form on your fingertips!)

12. BEST USE OF GRANDIOSE BEHAVIOR (Is the blog larger than life? Do you bow and courtsey when you open the journal?)

13. BEST J-BRAT ON THE BLOCK (Reserved for bloggers age 14 and under)

14. THE J-TEEN SUPREME (Reserved for bloggers age 15 to 18)

15. THE MAD HATTER AWARD! (Whining and complaining is one thing. But knowing how to REALLY get your bitch-on is an artform!)

16. I´S GOT GOOD GRAMMAR AWARD (I still can´t believe you guys chose this! LOL! This is for the overall best-written journal, emphasis on real-life stories)


18. THE GREATEST STORY/STORIES EVER TOLD! (This can be an entire journal dedicated to writing fictional stories or a single, fictional entry you find exceptional)

19. MOST HEART-WARMING ENTRY (Focus on a single entry written about a real-life event that tugged at your heart strings)

20. GOD SAVE THE QUEEN AWARD! (The Best Over-all UK Journal)

21. SIR BLOGS-A-LOT (Best UK Male Journal)

22. THE J-QUEEN OF ENGLAND (Best UK Female Journal)


dmt66frd said...

Hmmm, what a delicious looking meal. It's enough to make my mouth water. Being a student, the only aesthetically pleasing meals I see anymore are in restaurants, and not the cheap quick things I whip up these days. Oh well, at least I can still look and drool.

lamove04 said...

Robbie!!! Caught the link, sweetie!  Just wanted you to know, there's one category where your name popped into my head immediately-- remind me to tell you about it when we're at Elton John's party celebrating the winners... (oh, wait, that's the Oscars)  luv, Albert

ggal3133 said...

mmm your food looks good! Love your haiku too :)
Sounds like your getting quite a few things done at your place. Its always fun when new furniture comes in.
Thanks for the link to the Blog Awards!

geminiwilder said...

Hey, Robbie, that food looks G O O D !  I like Coke too, but I cheat with Pepsi sometimes!  SloMo does make everything look so good!  I love when she used to photograph her groceries!  Heh.  Good luck with the painting and closet organizing...I could stand to do some of that myself. A new bed sounds nice!  I yearn for new bedding!  Soft new sheets, and fluffy new down pillows and a cotton quilt in just the right colors would cheer me up tremendously!  Ah, to dream....~!   Have a good day Robbie!


geminiwilder said...

Oh, yah, and I was so dreaming about napping in new linens, I forgot to tell you, I voted!  Took me about six hours yesterday!  ha!


karensull12 said...

Great pictures!!!!  And great haiku.  Good idea with the honey-do list.  That way you can get things done and a good meal at the same time!  Very crafty.  I like it!

heartsingr said...

Thanks for visiting my journal.  And, I think that you take fine pictures.  The pasta looks good enough to eat!  ;-)

lucylouladybug said...

MmmmmMmm, looks good Robbie!
I'm eating a greek feta salad right now, the pasta would be a nice addition!
Good `ku too.  Diet Coke for me though!
Love, Penny

readmereadyou said...

I like the coke next to anything. I guess you can say I'm an eater (to put it mildly). : )

realitycheckmco said...

Hi. Robbie!
Very entertaining and fun journal! Please stop by and peruse mine when you have a chance.

miarenee24 said...

This sure was a fun read, Robbie! YUM! The pasta looks very yummy! I am a pasta-freak. I think you did very well with the photo. Made me hungry for pasta! =)

Maybe cook a very nice meal [again] for Kevin.

Oh, it's so nice to see everyone's excitement about the awards. I never seem to have the time to get to that part of the game :( I wish everyone the best of luck. It's a hard choice to make! Hard to choose favorites. I'll try really hard to get to this task before Thursday.

mlraminiak said...

RE cooking for one:  There are two of us, and I still suck at cooking.  It's actually been better since we started Weight Watchers...I HAVE to cook decent meals, because we can't go out to eat nearly as much as we used to.  I've become somewhat of a diet-meal guru...  Lisa  :-]

indigosunmoon said...

Great Haiku!  Only the Real thing for me too!
I love Sarah M!  Shes awesome!  You will have to
tell us all about the concert!

babyshark28 said...

MMMM I LOVE pasta.  I don't think a person can make a pasta dish look bad, so I would have to say, it  looks rather tasty to me!!  
Yes, I have to get those votes in!  I tried last night, but committed an error...and now I have to do it again. :p  It seems duanting at first, but fun once you get rolling. :)
get your brother a gift card to his favorite shopping place. :)

linus131999 said...

cute haiku anywho i voted do i get my i voted sticker lol

dymphna103 said...

Robbie the food does look good   john

slowmotionlife said...

I don't know what you're talking about. That s'getti looks MmmMmm Good!  Now, I'm hungy. And it's only 10am.  LOL  Sounds like you're doing some major redecorating over there!  Good for you! Take pictures!  I have all my furniture stuck out in the garage, waiting to be painted.  We have a lot of cheaply made, different wood color furniture pieces and I'm going to just paint them all to blend in together.  But it's a major undertaking.  It's good that you have a friend to help out.  :D

judithheartsong said...

I love Slomo's food pictures too! We are the queens of microwave and breakfast for dinner at our house. Sara Mclachlan is one of my alltime favorites.... have never seen her live, can't wait to hear about it.
Thanks for your nice e-mail today! judi

deabvt said...

Robbie, how was the Sarah concert?

haikulike said...

Thanks for your haiku-- you done me proud!  And another for Web!  You go, girl!
Hey, we gotta get on Gregg to fix the "female perspective" journal title to Lady of the Blog.  The best OVERALL journal may well turn out to be Queen of J-Land.  He seems to be assuming it will be King, the little snot. . .

bossy mumsy

somenuttychic said...

I soooooo understand about eating "mono". I do the same.  Good luck finding an appropriate gift for Kevin. He sounds like a nice guy.

armandt said...

Congrats on your Rumination Nomination!
Good luck!

~ Armand

musenla said...

What do you mean, the spaghetti does look good!  I think Slomo uses some pixie dust or something though, that's why her pics look scrumptious.  Either that or she uses a digicam worth a bazillion dollars, heh.

That's a good trade, honey-dos for food.  YOu sound like you enjoy cooking for two, yes?

Sarah McLachlan, dang, I missed that.  I wish I can see her, she's one of my favorites.