Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Questions for the Game of Life and Love

It's hard to believe it is Wednesday already. I feel busier than ever and I don't even have class to worry about. I've been putting in more hours at work though trying to get caught up on some things and dealing with an employee problem that I wish I could discuss here but unfortunately it's best if I don't. But, it's a sad and somewhat scary situation. I think, I hope, as of yesterday it will finallly be resolved.

It's already time for the question from the Book and I haven't even posted the pics from graduation. I will soon. So, I hope. I included another pic today of my day at the dogpark.  (My stomach is horribly upset this morning. I sure hope this passes. I don't have time to feel sick.) Anyhow, time for the game:

"We dreamed as children and we dream now because without our fantasies we would be lost.  We imagine in order to learn, to understand, to strive, to attempt, to predict, to avoid, to correct, to describe, to solve."

If you could adopt one personality trait from someone you know, what would you take, and from whom?

So glad for this question! Last week's was a booger! And, I've actually thought about doing a journal entry about something like this before. I don't recall when exactly I did it but one time I sat down and thought about the traits that I admired in some of my friends. The three that have had the most impact on me are Debbie, Karen, and John. Debbie and John are brother and sister. I've talked a lot about Debbie here and John I've mentioned on occasion. He's my friend that died. Someday I'll do an entry on him alone. And, Karen is my surgie girl. I've known her since I was in the Army.

I sat down one day and thought about what I admired about them and wanted to incorporate into my own life. With Debbie, it's her passion. She is one of the most passionate people I know. I don't necessarily mean sexually, although I'm pretty darn positive it overflows into that area of her life as well. Debbie just has this intensity about life, not in a serious way but a vested way. I'm not like that all that much. I just kind of take things as they come. I don't go for broke. I don't give my all. I think because it saves me from what I believe will be disappointment, or failure.

Karen is a fighter. A real go-getter. Like myself, she did not have an idealic upbringing. Yet, she has gone on to do incredible things with her life. After getting out of the Army, she went to Med School and is now a surgeon. She didn't come from money, nothing was handed to her. She has worked hard for all that she has and never lost sight of her goals. 

From John I learned zeal. He had this attitude of fun where ever he went. He didn't monitor his behavior for fear of what people might think. He was who he was and enjoyed himself along the way.

I think I've done a pretty good job of incorporating these traits but I am far from perfect and continue to hold these as examples in my mind to strive for. However, these are things that I thought of before. Since this is a new question, I think it's time to think of another to add. As such, I will choose compassion. This trait I find in one of my superiors. She is one of the Vice Presidents at work. I don't work as closely with her as I used to since we've restructured the Accounting Department but I still get a little time with her here and there when she is in town. I really admire her strong sense of ethics and doing what is fair. I think that because of her the company I work for is as great as it is. When the situation with this employee was unwinding, she asked me what I thought should be done. I told her I would fire him. He wasn't meeting his responsibilities and I thought he was lieing to us about what was going on. However, they didn't just up and do that. They tried to help him. They gave him every chance that they could since his recent behavior is contrary to how he was when he first started working for us. They gave him chance after chance. I wouldn't have.

Now, it's your turn....


mlraminiak said...

I'll answer this one in my journal.  Like you say, the last question was kind of a challenge; my answer turned out looking like one long whine!  This one might pick up the tone a bit!  Lisa  :-]

sistercdr said...

You've given me another journal entry to write!  I love that book of yours.  By the way, passion, zeal, working ambition and compassion sound like wonderful personality traits.  Your journal shows that you already have a lot of these in your makeup.

stephweiss said...

I didn't answer yet, but Lakrids did :)

karensull12 said...

Great question.  It's so nice to have friends who enrich our lives and show us dirfferent ways that we can be.  Your friends sound like true gems.

deabvt said...

Beautiful Pic, robbie!

marigolds2 said...

from my life partner, G, i wish i could adopt her wonderful ability to just be happy in the moment.   no one in my family of origin had/has that trait, and it makes for some pretty miserable people sometimes.  G is not always looking for the Next Thing, or wishing for Something Else, or trying to get at that Last Little Piece That's Stuck in the Corner and if she could just have it she'd be happy - no, she's happy with things as they are, almost always sees the good in everything, is comfortable in herself and in her life.  it's what makes her such an easy person to be with, i love to cook for her, do things for her - she's always pleased and happy.  so far i haven't had much luck with having it rub off on me - i keep hoping.

haikulike said...

I might have to tackle this one.  Cool question.

plieck30 said...

I would take a trait from a lady in my hometown where I grew up. I cannot remember her ever saying one bad thing about anyone. This is not a real bad habit of mine, but it is worse then it should be. Paula

dymphna103 said...

OOH you got me there.  I will have to think about that.   john

inthepaddedcell said...

Wow, I did it again.  I totally forgot to tell you that I answered.  But at least this time I remembered that I forgot to tell you.  LOL!
Tricky :þ

babyshark28 said...

I have been stewing over this.
and you know what. It seems I admire something
from everyone I know.
and what is that you may be thinking?
I just don't have it sometimes....and I want it ALL the time. I'm greedy like that. :P
great question!
take care. :)

goldenchildnc said...

Now this is a wonderful question! And I personally feel that if you don't have friends with something you admire in them, you're hanging out with the wrong crowd. Can you see where I'm going with this? I'm totally hanging out with the wrong crowd!!! LMAO! J/K! Oh I dunno. There are so many things about my friends that I admire. I'm jsut not sure I want to put any of it in writing. :-)

ggal3133 said...

Wonderful question and entry!

slowmotionlife said...

I would take from my sister her ambition and ability to BS her way through any situation.  She has a way of always seeming confident, even when she's not.  I can't tell you how many jobs she's gotten where she had NO idea what she was doing.. but she somehow convinced her superiors that she did.  She's always going for that next "better" job or that "higher" payraise.  She's always pushing herself to learn more.  I really admire that in her.  ::smile::

Great question!

musenla said...

Based on the traits of those three friends, I seem to notice a pattern in the behavior that you find ideal.  You find people who are fearless in going after what they want admirable and you strive to do the same.  Does this mean that you are by nature a cautious person who is afraid of risks, or perhaps plagued by doubts when faced with a difficult situation?  

As for me, I would love to have my former mentor's sense of calm and serenity in his life, which leads to his better control of his emotions.  I tend to let my emotions overwhelm me; not too good, especially in public!