Sunday, May 02, 2004

Scalzi's Weekend Assignment #3

I am a little late getting this assignment turned in this weekend. But, the weekend isn't over. As seems to be the case with me lately, I am getting it turned in just in the nick of time.

Unfortunately, I had quite a bit of schoolwork to take care of before I could play here in journal-land. I had to do a presentation yesterday for the class that is for the professor who doesn't teach - we do. I needed to write a ten-page paper that analyzed the acquisition of NCR by AT&T. In addition, I had to create a Powerpoint Presentation to go along with my presentation of this analysis and present it to the class. This was in addition to the work I had to do for my other class, which is taught by the same, non-teaching, professor. I ended up pulling an all-nighter Friday night. I really hate doing those. They throw me out of whack. But, thanks to Starbucks yesterday morning, I faired pretty well and my instructor really liked my presentation.

Before I start on my Scalzi assignment, I'd like to give a shout-out and big THANK YOU to someone who has been a tremendous help to me through his journal. Some of you may know him, since he's been the butt of a few jokes around J-Land lately. But, if not, and you want to learn more about the financial world, his journal is a must read. I think I have learned more from reading it, then I have from any of my professors. Thanks George!!!!!

Now without further ado:

Weekend Assignment #3: Recount the worst piece of advice you've ever been given, or the worst piece of advice you've ever provided. (For extra credit, do both).

I had to think a bit about this one, but it finally dawned on me.

Worst Piece of Advice: I really don't want to explain the details of why I took this advice, but suffice it to say that the people giving the advice had the best of intentions and it was for what I, and they, believed to be a noble cause at the time.

"When you make the move to California, sell all your belongings. Take only what you can fit into your car with you. Oh, and since we are having this yearly fund raiser, we know you will still want to give at least what you gave last year, never mind the fact that you were just laid-off from your job and it will wipe you out financially to do so. Heck, it would be great if you could even give more this year. Because, well, the money is really needed and is for a good cause."

Sad to say, but I took that advice. I pretty much wiped myself out financially and moved to California with nothing but some books, a few momentos, and some clothes and $1,000 to my name. I was 28 years old. It had taken me 10 years to accumulate some of the junk I did own. I figured what-the-heck it's only material possessions, I'll replace it once I get out to California. I am still working on getting on my feet financially, as a result. However, as hard as it is to start all over again, I know that if I had to, I could do it. But, I'm hoping not to have to prove it to myself ever again.

Worst Piece of Advice that I provided: Heck, why are you going to all the trouble and expense of renting a UHaul to pack up and take all of your stuff to California. We don't even know where we'll be living. Why don't you want to be like the rest of us and take the "two-suitcase challenge?" <--- Luckily she didn't take my advice!


goldenchildnc said...

Who in the hell is George? Geez I am SO out of the loop nowadays! :::sigh::: As for your worst advice: Well, I think this si a case where one person's bad advice is another person's not-so-bad advice. LOL! I moved out to Cali just like you did except I did have a job when I got there (transferred with the same company). But I left all my belongings behind and had to rebuild from scratch. :-) Actually, I think I've done that every time I've moved to a different city. UGH! LOL!

txsguinan said...

I love that the worst piece of advice you ever got is the same as the worst advice you ever gave ~ just passin' it on!

In fact, I think the entire population of CA consists solely of people who have given and taken this very same advice ~ I came here in a beat-up old flatbed with $250 in cash, a suitcase full of cheap suits and a box of slightly melted LP's.  Go West, young (wo)man!  I guess that was good advice... :)

derossetfamily said...

Eek! If I didnt have a child I probably would have done the 2 suitcase thing and left too, though. I've been daydreaming about doing that lately, but I would have to plan it and secure jobs and all that stuff and Id much rather be able to be spontaneous, but, I cant. Phooey. Im so rambling, sorry! =)

freeepeace said...

Strangely, I did the same moving to CA.  Sold everything, packed my car and left with barely any money.  That was my own doing.  Eh, there's a lesson in everything.  Off to check the money guy.

uberdude333 said...

you can advice me anytime....the TV dinner with or without Brownie!

ggal3133 said...

Someone tried to tell us that when we had to make our first big move, sell all of our belongings etc,  and thankfully we didn't take it.
Your presentation sounds great!

linus131999 said...

goodluck with the end of school. we dont know about the job yet they havent called us back. i havent given any one any bad advice lately i dont think ive given any out. lol

jlreynolds said...

Robbie - The more I think about it the more I realize that what you did in rebuilding would be more than most of would ever dream of having to go through... congratulations on doing such a great job of getting re-established!  

deabvt said...

But School is finishing!!!!!!  Yea!!!!!!!!!!

karensull12 said...

I can see how it might be appealing to just get rid of everything and start again, however, I know how long it takes to accumulate things and how much they cost, so getting rid of everything would never be an option for me.  I'm glad you're getting on your feet again after all this time.  You learned a valuable lesson!

quroboros said...

Ouch! It sounds like the bad advice you were given took a while to dawn on you that "meeybee it's not such a good plan after all!"  You didn't say who the 'people' giving it were and I'm wondering if this is someone you're still talking to or not.  ¤Holly

alphawoman1 said...

The old misery loves company ploy. Funny.  School sounds like its racing towards an end.  If our next assignment is .....your biggest achievement... well, this will be it for quite some time.  (until kids).

lamove04 said...

For NY to Cali move, I did the opposite: an expensive moving co. lugged stuff for me that I ended up selling later when I was establishing myself-- realizing I didn't need or want half of it!  Now I desire to travel light...  Most of my prized posessions are books, photos, journals & art-- easily 1 little U-haul. --Albert   ahhhh- looking around here before saving this... maybe MEDIUM-sized U-haul? LOL.

krobbie67 said...

GREGG: Sorry, love I’m expanding my male reading horizons. The vixen that I am you can’t leave me alone too long. Baby, won’t stay in a corner. ;-) I hope to never have to build from scratch again! I’m still doing it. Buying stuff for my apartment little by little. But, this time I’m doing it slowly so I won’t be loaded down with a bunch of crap! At least, it has taught me that. Instead of buying a “make-do” I just hold out for the just right item. Less is more in my book!

TXSGUINAN: What can I say? Share the joy! Teeheehee.

DEROSSET – MARY: I like your rambles. And, yes, there is much to be said for spontaneity but sometimes there’s a cost to be considered. I think it would have been better had I planned it a little and not put myself in a financial predicament to accomplish it.

FREEE: Yes, there definitely is a lesson in everything. Ultimately, I learned that I need very little. But, I hope it’s one lesson I don’t have to repeat. However, creature comforts are comforts for a reason.

UBERDUDE: Thanks. TV dinner with brownie, for sure! Eat half first then the dinner then the other half. That way it all seems good because the crap is bookmarked my yumminess. :-)

GGAL: I’m glad you didn’t listen to whoever gave you that advice, especially in the military where they come in and pack everything up and move it for you. I wish all moves could be that easy.

LINUS: Thanks! Call them! It’ll show them that you and Mark are interested. There I go giving advice. Eeeek!

krobbie67 said...

JLREYNOLDS: Thanks Lisa! I was kicking myself in the butt for a long time. I still do sometimes when I realize where I should be at this point in life compared to where I actually am. Oh well, life’s lesson learned, at least I hope!

VINCE: I’m telling myself that daily now! It’s beginning to seep into my consciousness now. Yeehaa!!!!!!!

KAREN: A valuable lesson in more ways then one. Having a fresh start in a new city is great. I’m all for adventure but next time, my crap comes with me.

HOLLY: No, it didn’t take that long. The first night without a bed it hit me pretty darn quick! And, to answer your question, no, I don’t still talk to them but for different reasons then this poor advice. Ultimately, I blame myself for this mistake. I didn’t have to take the advice.

ALPHAWOMAN: Until kids! Are you trying to curse me? ;-)

ALBERT: I think the weeding out for a move is good for cleaning out clutter. But, having to buy every blessed thing over is just insane. Take the medium Uhaul if you can afford it. It’s better to regret paying too much to ship then it is to regret getting rid of something you could have used after all.  :::smooches::::

erikasherwood said...

The worst Advice I've ever taken:

Yes I was @ a bar w/ my B.F. and we were drinking I was drunk and this dry wall carrying chick was really rude to me, so I tell my friend half joking "Watch my back I have to pee," and I proceed to explain that the big bitch is being mean to me and so on. So my B.F. says "Just walk out don't worry about it and play your game of pool and next time she looks at you crazy, say Fuck You with a smile" So little drunk me, is playing pool I look up and she is staring at me so I Smile real big and flip her off, Ummm give it about 1.3 seconds and that big buff broad was running at me and we were straight boxing like crazy, I had hit her with a pool stick, since she came at me with a bottle. Than we dropped that and went at it and I had the best of her, my bartender friend jumps over the bar and runs up yelling "Let Go Of Her Now" (i dindn't realize that she had my hair in her hands as I was socking her while I was on top of her" So DUMB ASS me stops and she flips us over and is now on top, so my friend "ScrapsTER" grabs her head and knees her in the forehead, and I'm so stupid when I'm drunk I had thought it was me my friend was yelling at to let go.

I was so embaaresed to go back but when I finally did they had put up signs reading "The Mighty, the Minnie, The  Mighty aryana, "Were looking for a new opponent to beat the Champion Aryana."

They also had water buckets with rags in the corner... LOL.. I freaked so hard when I seen that I was like "Oh my gosh put those down before I really get my ass whooped.... LOL...

Gurlly Gurll me fighting these big Dry wall, house building broads...LOL.. No, thanx I think I'll pass forever and on..