Thursday, May 20, 2004

Questions for the Game of Life and Love

I am terribly behind on my journal reading. I am diligently trying to wrap things up for school. Tuesday is my last class. Yeeha!!! I have to write two term papers by then. As such, if you don't see me around your journal for the next couple of days, please forgive me. I will get caught up - eventually.

I took the above picture at school the other night. I thought the sun looked cool coming through the trees as it was setting in the sky. I'm carrying my camera everywhere so when I have a free moment I can play with it and get the hang of what it's capable of doing.

Now for the new installment of "Questions for the Game of Life and Love":

"How many times a day do we say, "If only..."? If we could create the perfect life, the perfect city, the perfect home, the perfect job, the perfect mate.  We all fantasize, and we all dream. We dream of perfection, money, revenge, glory, change."

As always, I randomly select the question from the book. If you'd like to answer it also, please do, either here or in your journal. If you decide to answer it in your journal, let me know so I can come by and see what you wrote.

If you could possess one supernatural ability, what would it be?

I would like the ability to read minds. So many misunderstandings occur during communications. The receiver of a message filters it with their life experiences. As such, what we hear, or read, isn't always what was said, at least not intentionally. In addition, I've come across people that were deceptive, to put it nicely, and it would have been nice to know that from the get-go instead of having to find out the hard way. Of course, I think there would be a downside because sometimes what someone thinks might not be all that nice. After all, if someone I walked past thought to themselves what an ugly outfit I was wearing, or something like that, I would be a walking wreck. In some ways reading minds would be liberating and in other ways it could actually be pretty harmful to my psyche, but I'll still stick with that one. Hmmm, what other supernatural abilities are there? Maybe, I'm short-changing myself. Would xray-vision be better?

Your turn.


karensull12 said...

Your picture is great.  If I could possess one supernatural ability, I think it would be the ablilty to disappear at will and lurk around without anyone seeing me.  I just think that would be a blast!

ckays1967 said...

Beautiful picture that deserves a haiku!!

Robbie this one was fun so here's mine.

mlraminiak said...

I was going to say teleportation...the ability to just twitch my nose like Samantha Stevens and be somewhere else instantly.  But I kinda like Karen's, too..  I can't count how many times I've wanted to be a fly on the wall at some high-level meetings, or even in my sister's living room when they don't know I'm there...  Lisa  :-]

sistercdr said...

I had answer this one, and of course, I went off on a big tangent as well.  Good question, and I love the pic.

quroboros said...

I'd have to go with having the ability to fly like Superman.  Commuting would be a cinch, never worrying about the price of gas or parking space.  Of course, you'd lose that famous excuse of "I'm late because traffic was a bitch."  ¤Holly

deabvt said...

Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Tuesday!

inthepaddedcell said...

Great picture!  I answered the question and remembered to leave you a link to it.
Tricky :þ

dymphna103 said...

wow to read minds.  I never thought of that one  john

freeepeace said...

Great pic Robbie.  What kind of cam did you get?  Here's looking at Tuesday! Woohoo! [looking forward to Wednesday too] ;)

I think I'd like the superpower of Enlightenment [while still in a human body].  Total compassion, understanding, non-judgment [that would go for myself as well].

stephweiss said...

Sign me up for telekinesis! When I am happily sitting in my chair out on the porch after a long walk, and I realize (i.e., "WOOF WOOF!) that I forget the dogfood on the counter, I'd like to grab it with a few brain waves, rather than having to walk back inside to grab it.

lucylouladybug said...

Well, I already have a sixth sense in being able to read people, not minds, but I have a way of figuring things out from the not always obvious (you've experienced that from me in the past).  So, if I could pick a supernatural ability, it would be able to turn invisible, it appeals to my already nosy nature.
Good luck on your term papers!
Love, Penny

greenheart21469 said...

I would like the ability to read the minds of babies and animals, that way I could know exactly what Maddie is fussing about.  As for the animal part, I think it would be interesting.

greenheart21469 said...

Also, what are you going to school for?  I keep meaning to ask, but always forget.  And where did you live in NC?  I lived in Winston-Salem for awhile.

screaminremo303 said...

I would choose the ability to fly. Then I could take Ms. Lovely to the top of the most beautiful mountain and just watch the world and enjoy each other.
Plus, it would make it easier to get away when you let those nasty SBD farts in a crowd.

derossetfamily said...

Oh thats a good one! I think mine at the moment though would be more Mary-Poppins-esque. My house is a mess!
Well, worth a try.

ondinemonet said...

If I could have a supernatural would be to teleport myself to someone when they need me. Kinda like when Samantha would call Dr. Bombay, Dr Bombay Emergency Come Right Away! LOL. Always, Carly :)

goldenchildnc said...

I'd thought of telepathy, but voted against it for the very reasons you mentioned. Alas, I'm left with telekinesis -- the abilioty to affect material objects with the power of your thoughts. THAT would be cool!

lisbnjvi said...

Hmmm, supernatural ability huh?  Would healing the sick be considered a supernatural ability?  If so, that's what I would want to have, the ability to heal the sick.  Yep, that's it, nothing else.
Hugs and love, Lisa

rbushu said...

I wish I had the supernatural ability to know without looking whether the toilet seat is down and if somebody just peed all over it before I sit.

jayveesonata said...

I've been thinking about California lately and your palm trees have made me homesick. Did you read my mind??....Jon

ggal3133 said...

Great picture!
I've always wanted to be able to twitch my nose like Samantha did in Bewitched and my house would be clean in an instant! Then I could devote more of my time to floating,lol

dockart said...

I'm waaay behind in the journal thing so you are not alone:)
As for supernatural ability, I don't think I would want to mind reading thing mostly for the reasons you mentioned. Plus, the world would seem so much more noisey;)
I think maybe the "I Dream of Jeannie" thing where you can cross your arms and make something happen. Am I dating myself here?

marigolds2 said...

i'm so behind with journals!  it's crazy.  and i keep finding new journals to love and want to visit often.  i'm not teaching this summer, it looks like there's a good chance i may get a very fat ass from sitting in front of the computer all day!  no no, i can't !!!  there is so much else i need to do.  i love your tatoo.  i love your questions.  i love your celeb photo montage.  i miss you, but know you'll be back around my journals as you have the time.
i can't decide about the supernatural power - but in the end i think it's teleportation, being able to wish myself anywhere i want to be without having to take a plane or drive, etc.   this is so hard, why?  when i'm not going to get ANY of them anyway!

mdkjic said...

I would like the power to grant wishes.  I am not sure if that is a bona-fide super power or not...but it would be cool to wander about in life making wishes come true.  I would have to team up with a person who was a mind reader and an invisible person though because I wouldn't want people to know I had the wish granting power.

musenla said...

Ohh, I'm not sure I would want to know what people are thinking ALL the time.  Let's just say that would be nice in a selective way.  

This is an excellent question.  I think I would want the ability to travel back and forth between the present, the past and the future.  More for curiosity's sake than anything.  I doubt I would alter anything that I see along the way, not knowing how it would affect other parts of the continuum.  This is an exhilirating ability to have but scary at the same time.

dmt66frd said...

I agree with musenla. It's hard enough being aware of others' emotions. If I was aware of all their thoughts, too, I would have to live on a deserted island to escape from them.

If I could have any special ability, it would be to take away fear and bring awareness with the touch of my hand.  ~~~ David

slowmotionlife said...

First, love the picture and I can completely understand about school.  Those last few weeks are really hectic.  Soon, you'll have plenty of free time.  :)

As for what supernatural abilities I'd like to have, I find that hard to answer.  I think disappearing might come in handy when life gets too rough to handle, but it's probably not a smart choice to just go disappearing when the going gets tough.  I personally don't think I'd like to read minds because I don't necessarily really want to know what people are thinking - too many dark secrets there.  But I think I would like the ability to know when someone is lying.  I don't even have to know the true answer - only that they are definitely lying.  I don't always trust my own instincts and it would be nice to know when I'm being lied to.  So yeah... that would be pretty good.  :)

babyshark28 said...

supernatural ability....hmmmm.

reading minds would be very cool.  hmmm. maybe flying. so I will never have to get a plane again. I could just head to the skies on my own!  woo hoo.  though, I wouldn't  get still would be worth it. :)

krobbie67 said...

KAREN: Disappearing would be pretty cool. Now, that I live alone I can do it sometimes but
I try not to be hermit like and go overboard.

CHRISTINA: I have been so strung out with school that I can't even remember what your
entry said so I'm gonna have to go back and re-read it. Glad you enjoyed it, that's
what's most important.

MLRAMINIAK-Lisa: Teleportation would definitely be cool but there sure are times that I would
have loved to have been a fly on the wall. Oh yeah!

CYNTHIA: I went by and read yours but I don't remember if I commented. I am severelly behind on
your journal. I'll be by this weekend to catch up. I'm glad you are playing along. Thanks!

HOLLY: I would want the ability to fly only if no one else had it. Because then it would be a
free-for-all ruckus in the sky and the commute probably wouldn't be any better.

VINCE: My resident cheerleader, thank you!

TRICKY: Thanks and you know I'm gonna have to go back and read it again. I can't for the life
of me remember what you wrote. My brain is fried. Thank goodness the semester is over!

JOHN: Reading minds! I bet you can relate on wanting that ability. Huh?

FREEE: Woohoo! Wednesday is here and I am toast! Literally. Crispy critter I am tonight. But, I
love the way a little bit of burn feels. I have a built in heater since I'm always so fricken cold.
Enlightenment is a noble choice. Some people picked such charitable and noble choices and here I
thought only of me, me, me. Figures!

krobbie67 said...

STEPHWEISS: Telekinsis would be pretty darn cool but I'd be one lazy chick! LOL

PENNY: Did you say sixth sense? Or sick sense? ;-p j/k Yeah, being invisible
would be too cool.

GREENHEART: Oh yeah, I'd love to read the minds of babies and animals too. I don't think there
is a worse feeling than knowing something is wrong and having to guess all over the place what
it might be.

SCREMO: In spite of that rough exterior, you're a big mush! But....if they are SBD, you
wouldn't want to fly away, it would give away that it were you. That's the beauty of the
SBD's is that no one can pin them on you. :-)

DEROSSET-MARY: I am so with you on that one right now! My life is an absolute wreck.
I will be spending most of the coming weekend cleaning and cleaning and cleaning. :-(

CARLY: Oh yeah! I remember good ol' Dr. Bombay. Loved it!

GREGG: Yeah,but like I told Stephweiss, I would turn into one fat-ass lazy chick. Oh well
I guess I didn't mention the fat-ass part to her. ;-p

LISBNJVI-LISA: I'd say it's supernatural and pretty noble too! I only thought about myself!
I'm feeling like a real heel. :-(

ROBIN: I live alone. My seat AND lid are always down. :::doing a cocky little jig:::: ;-)

krobbie67 said...

JAYVEESONATA: Sorry! :-( But, now that I have a digital camera there will probably be more.

GGAL: I get a kick out of you and your floating. Don't you ever swim girl? lOl

DONNA: Twitching noses and blinking eyes are the hands down favorites around here. So, I guess we've all dated
ourselves. LOL.

MARIGOLD: Aww...thanks so much. I feel so very out of touch. But, end of semester whoahs have got me down. But,
not for long and I will be back in full strength. So watch out! ;-)

MDKJIC: I'll be your mind reader. I'd love to run around helping wishes be granted. That's way better than mind

MUSE: I wouldn't mind travelling to the past but I don't think I'd want to know what the future holds. Let it
surprise me otherwise it might instill fear in me to live in the present.

DAVID: Take away fear is a good one! I'm not sure about awareness though. Isn't that relative? Whose awareness?

SLOMO: Thanks.  A lot of people disappear when the going gets tough even without the supernatural ability. But,
one thing I've learned is the tough sticks around 'til you get back.

BABYSHARK: Shoot a lot of times you don't get peanuts now! Fly baby!

jadeawd said...

IF....I could have one supernatural ability, it would be to make my family love me as much as I love them.  'Nuff said.  Anne

krobbie67 said...

Anne: It would be a great supernatural ability. Unfortunately, all we are left with is to love them anyhow. :-( ---Robbie