Sunday, May 16, 2004

Brushes with Fame - Weekend Assignment #5

It's that time again. Scalzi's Weekend Assignment time.This week he asks us to Recount our most memorable encounter with celebrity and for extra credit to reveal our first celebrity crush.

My most memorable encounter was with Bob Hope, but I did an entry a while back regarding that. I also did one for Thaao Phenghlis who I ran into at the airport. As such, I thought I would do a collage of a few of the celebrities that I have encountered and recount my most embarassing celebrity encounter. Except for David Robinson, I have ran into all of these people in Los Angeles. I saw David Robinson when I lived in San Antonio. He came into the restaurant that I worked at.

I happen to live and work in an area that has a high celebrity populus. As such, I've run into them in some very typical places. 

Robert Guillaume - He was standing in line at The Department of Motor Vehicles along with the rest of us. This occurred when I first moved here before he had his stroke. There's another celebrity, one of the old-timers that I saw there also on another occasion, but I can't for the life of me remember his name.

George Wendt - I saw him at the grocery store. It took a second for me to realize who he was and when it came to me it took all my strength to not blurt out "Norm!"

Roddy McDowall - Some people might not remember him, but I recognized him instantly when I passed him coming out of the drugstore. Unfortunately, I believe he has since passed away. One of things he is well known for is his role in "Planet of the Apes," but he's one of those old-timers who worked since he was a child. I believe he was in "Lassie" too.

Adam Arkin - I saw him at a local office supply store.

Daryl Hannah - She walked past me when I was at the Santa Monica pier. I think she's probably the only one I saw where it was a work related setting because she was down there on a shoot.

Haley Joel Osmont - He was in the lobby of my building where I used to work. I guess his may have been work related. Fox had offices there for the show "The Family Guy." Ran into the creator of that show in the elevator from time to time. I figured Haley was there to do voice over or something.

Drew Barrymore and Tom Green - I saw them at a local restaurant that is mentioned from time to time in a journal by the Sublime Guy since it happens to be one of the two that he works at. Obviously, this was when they were still married.

Ray Liotta - I saw him at a baseball game here. His eyes are amazing. They are a crystal blue color. Yums!

Anthony Geary - He belongs to the same gym as me. Although, I rarely go to that location because parking is such a challenge.

I've seen several of the actors from the daytime soap, "The Young and the Restless." I live close to one of CBS's studios so they probably tape there.

Peter Bergman - I saw him at a near-by gas station. He was buying milk. And, boy his onscreen look is nothing compared to real life. He is such a hottie in real life, although not so bad to look at onscreen either.

Kristoff St. John - Although, from the same soap, I saw him at a restaurant about 20 miles from here, but 20 miles in Los Angeles is nothing. It's still local.

Jess Walton - She's one of the few that I have talked to. I don't usually say anything to celebrities when I see them. I figure they are just people and want to live their lives as normally as possible. I guess that's why I saw her shopping at a local home store.

My last roommate is an actor. I  say actor instead of actress because she taught me that it's considered an insult to distinguish them based on gender. She hasn't really done anything too much lately and has since moved to Seattle but several of the actors that I have met were because of her. These two were actually in our house on different occasions:

Harold Sylvester - You might remember him from the movie "An Officer and a Gentleman" He was in a couple of scenes with Richard Gere where they were going through the barracks inspection.

Kathryn Joosten - She played the secretary for Martin Sheen on the "West Wing". She was killed off at the end of one of the seasons. I don't watch the show but she's one of those people who show up everywhere yet not many will recognize her name.

Kenny Blank - He played on the show "The Parenthood" and falls into the most embarassing celebrity encounter for me. When I worked at my last job, we were doing a business transaction with him. I went to his home to have some papers signed. When I arrived, his mother let me in. She requested that I take off my shoes, as they didn't wear them in the house. I didn't have hose on that day, my nails were in desparate need of a manicure, and I just hate my feet all around. I felt very self-conscious. That alone is bad enough but she had to go and compliment me on my nailpolish color. It's called something like Cherry Red, or something. It's a great color, more blue-based then orange-based, and my favorite, but did she have to notice! I was mortified!

There's even more than this but some I can't remember the names of. I will recognize them but won't recall where I have seen them, or as I've been writing this another will come to mind. It's a pretty regular occurrence for me. As such, it really isn't that big of a deal to me. However, I think if I ever met someone like Brad Pitt, Rutger Hauer, or Jon Bonjovi, I would completely flip out.

And, of course I can't end this without mentioning our very own Rock Star, whose link to her website I have on my sidebar. After all, she's done television work and I believe some other stuff too.

Now for my first celebrity crush. Hands down, it has got to be Andy Gibb. There were a few others like Donny Osmond and Leif Garret that I adored at that time, but he was IT for me. I remember as a little girl going each week with my girlfriend Stephanie to dinner in Daytona Beach with her family. Her father would allow her to take along a friend to keep her company because he also had a doctor's appointment prior to us going to dinner. There were many a nights that Stephanie and I would pretend like her parents were chauffering us to our dates with Andy Gibb and Donny Osmond. My date was Andy of course. Ah....he was so fricken cute and I loved his music. It's so sad how he died at such a young age. I think he was only 30. It was a heart related situation but they believe it was due to too much Cocaine. So handsome and so talented. What a waste!


karensull12 said...

Wow, you've seen a lot of celebrities...It must get a little ho-hum out where you live.  I LOVED Andy Gibb too (actually I loved the Bee Gees, too).  I could probably recite the words to most of their songs also.  Gosh am I lame...

deabvt said...

W O W !!!    Robbie..." SUPERSTAR "  
Great Post!!!!!!!!!

freeepeace said...

OMG - you've seen more celebrities than the paparazzi.  Goodness!  That's insane.  This entry must've taken you all weekend, with all the linkage.  Did you get *any* schoolwork done?  :P

sistercdr said...

I think you live in prime celebrity spotting territory.  Don't you love the everyday-ness of the encounters.

alphawoman1 said...

Wow..whew...holy smoke!

lisbnjvi said...

Ahhh, Andy Gibb!  He was also my crush, along with Donny Osmond, Leif Garrett (LOVED his red leather pants) and Sean Cassidy (go ahead, laugh!  But, it wasn't funny THEN!).  I cried and cried when Andy died, I was devastated!  As far as celebrity encounters, I have met Cher and Jon Bon Jovi, many of the 80's hair metal bands too, but Cher and Jon Bon Jovi were the two that left an impression forever embedded in my head!
Hugs and love, Lisa

bhpcr said... you've met a lot of famous ones.  It reminded me I ran into Colleen Dewhurst (great character actress in the genre of Kathy Bates)at the grocery store in Tucumcari, New Mexico.  I was behind her in line. She was buying hamburger, twinkies and Scotch :) What a combo. Her motorhome was parked out front so I guess she can cook :) ~Barbara

babyshark28 said...

I don't have any fancy tales of meeting famous people.  I have a lot of "maybe's" but that's it. :(
your a lucky lady. :)

quroboros said...

Good gosh, I can't believe how many encounters you've had.  Sounds like Scalzi needs a new category for you.  Instead of a 'brush with fame,' yours should be 'regularly rubs elbows with fame!'  I couldn't post mine because it was such a negative experience and I wouldn't want James Woods to sue me for libel.  ¤Holly

mlraminiak said...

I suppose the  question was tailor-made for someone who lives in L.A.!   There must be only so many "celebrity encounters" allowed to the peons of the world, and you got all mine!  LOL  Lisa  :-]

ggal3133 said...

Wow you've had alot of celebrity encounters.
I liked Andy Gibb too and it was very tragic and sad how his life ended so soon.

screaminremo303 said...

I have never heard of most of those people. Does that still make them famous?

rbushu said...

I had an encounter with the Channel 5 weatherman in a revolving door once. We worked in the same building. I knew him right away but he had a blank look on his face about me. Occupational hazard, I suppose.

Donny Osmond? "Go away, little girl before I beg you to stay." ~~sigh~~

derossetfamily said...

LOL about George Wendt! I figured being in L.A. you'd had several celebrity encounters, but wow! Thats a lot! I feel your pain on the feet issue, I get really self conscious when I have to take my shoes off too. At least they were painted though! Half of mine always have chipped paint and on the other half the paint has rubbed off completely--definitely NOT a sight for sore eyes! :P

ondinemonet said...

I met Peter Bergman at a Target opening in San Ramon, California several years ago. He is very handsome in person. I still have the 90 or so pictures I took...LOL...He was a bit shorter then I expected though, but a very nice man :) YUM. Take care, Carly :)

pippe said...

Wow, so many famous people!  I have come across a few myself, but have to be told who they are.  One in particular, although not necessarily famous is Shane from "The Real World."  He actually is a waiter at a restaurant called Breadman's in Chapel Hill, NC where we used to live.  

lamove04 said...

Wow, Robbie, A+ for the COLLAGE and all the links, LOL. Are you trying to be Scalzi's Teacher's Pet?  Your list makes me want to move to LA now, being the Fame Ho/Celebrity Stalker that I am.  And the IMDb for links!  I so want to get my name onto that.

Ray Liotta does have the most amazing eyes. Do you remember the film Something Wild-- came out in the early 90's I think-- he played an insane guy, but with a KILLER BOD.

Laughing at your descriptions... "Saw him buying file folders"-- so matter-of-fact... (paraphrasing, LOL)

The Gibbs were hot. Loved those white 70's disco outfits they wore.  Well, guess I better wrap up this comment!  :-)  Albert

slowmotionlife said...

Another Andy Gibb lover.  LOL  Gibb had a lot of girls droolin' over him, apparently.  :D  

You've met a LOT of people.  I'll still probably do this assignment, though late.  I've never really met anyone TRULY famous.  That stinks.  Not for me, but for them!!  tehehe... [I've been hanging with Gregg too much, huh?  LoL]

miarenee24 said...

OMG!!! You've seen a bunch of'em! So cool! I noticed a few Y&R stars in your collage :P I'm a big fan. My secret it out. LOL!

haikulike said...

Barry Gibb, here... oh yeah.  (amazing!  NOT blond!)  Wonderful collage of memories.  I misunderstood assignment, methinks.  I've SEEN a bunch of famous folk cuz we go to plays 'n stuff--but BRUSHING UP AGAINST them, nah.  (See Nikki?)  OMG, you saw Ray Liotta's actual eyes???

~~mumsy, who now has CABLE!  {happy feet}

plieck30 said...

I just learned something. I didn't know it is an insult to distinguish by gender. Wow you get around, don't you? Paula

krobbie67 said...

KAREN: I guess it is a little “ho-hum” because it kind of demystifies the whole celebrity thing. You realize that they are just people too. And, by golly, I do not think being able to recite the words of the songs is lame. But, then again, I can too. LOL

VINCE: I am definitely not a superstar. I would say that a few that I’ve seen have been. Like, Bob Hope, he’s an icon in my mind.

FREEE: :::hanging head:::: No, it didn’t take all weekend. But….I goofed off and didn’t do much schoolwork. I’ve got senioritis really bad. Heck, I actually did 12 loads of laundry instead of schoolwork. That’s how bad I don’t want to work on the crap.

CYNTHIA: I definitely live in prime celeb territory. Yeah, the everyday-ness is pretty cool. I think it demystifies the whole celeb status.

ALPHAWOMAN – MARY: LOL – See, you should come for a visit. Except the sighting are so random that I can’t guarantee you would see anyone.

LISBNJVI: Oh yeah, I forgot about Sean Cassidy. He was one of the cuties back then too. Like I said, I think I would flip out if I bet Jon Bon Jovi. To me he just yum!

BARB: I don’t recognize the name, Colleen Dewhurst. But, I’m horrible with names. Some of these that I listed I had to look up. Funny that you would see her in what sounds like such a remote location.

krobbie67 said...

BABYSHARK: Hey, you know Freee! Like I said, she’s been on TV and she’s our very own Rockstar!

HOLLY: LOL out the new category. I’m not sure you could call it rubbing elbows since many of them I don’t even talk to. You’re such a tease! I want to know about your meeting James Woods. If it’s true, he can’t sue you for libel, my dear.

MLRAMINIAK – LISA: Yeah, I was a ringer. Kind of unfair. But…like I said my most memorable was Bob Hope and I met him at a po-dunk town in North Carolina.

GGAL: Yeah, it was so sad about Andy Gibb. I remember I was so mad at Victoria Principle because I thought maybe she had caused it. Talk about being overly involved in someone else’s life! How silly was I?

SCREMO: Well, if you don’t know of them, are they really well-known? Hmmm…

ROBIN: I actually had a Donny Osmond doll when I was a kid. He was such a cutie. :::sigh:::

DEROSSET – MARY: That’s the thing, my toenails looked horrible. Chips, rub-offs, etc. Shoot my feet were probably stinky too! I was dieing!

krobbie67 said...

CARLY: mmmmH I didn’t think he was all that short. However, the only one he seemed really tall to me was David Robinson. But, that’s because I am 5’ 10”. LOL

PIPPE: Shane??? You always have to say which season for me to be able to figure out who is who on that show. I am horrible with names. Most of these I had to look up. Like George Wendt. I can’t ever remember his name. He’ll always be Norm to me.

ALBERT: I also used a site called TV Tome. I think I like them a little better. I was actually able to find more of the pics on there than on IMDb. I loved that film “Something Wild!” That’s what turned me onto Ray. He was a total psycho in it.

SLO: I guess being 10 years difference between you and I, Andy Gibb is not so interesting. Huh?

MIA: I’ve been watching (off and on) Y&R since I was a little girl. I have vague memories of when Nikki Newman wasn’t a Newman and was a stripper. Talk about having a secret! LOL

MUMSY: Yup saw the eyes. He was standing right in front of me. I wasn’t in line or anything so I forget what he was doing. Maybe looking for someone???

PAULA: I get around? Are you calling me a slut? LOL ;-p Yeah, I didn’t know it was an insult either. But, that is according to my roommate.

snkwarren said...

OMG, Andy Gibb and his talented brothers, the BeeGees ruled my walls.  When we moved out of that house, my dad had to replaster and paint my room because there were thumb tack holes from floor to ceiling.  Yes, he was 30, and he had heart damage caused by prior drug use, outside of alcohol, he was otherwise drug free at the time of his death.  He was so handsome, he was almost pretty.  Kristi

lisita15 said...

I almost had an encounter with Bob Hope.. He came to our plant-we named a plane in honor of him. I haven't had very many run-ins with celebraties...but then again, it is probably a good thing... I think I am very star struck.(who knows?? haven't had too many encounters!!)  Andy Gibb and the Bee Gees and of course Leif Garret and all those stars... Oh yes, Donny Osmond. I still have his albums... hehehehe.
I guess this is why I feel that I had to comment on your journal. lisita