Friday, April 23, 2004

Scalzi's Weekend Assignment #2

Scalzi has issued the weekend assignment. Since it is the second assignment, he has switched it up some and challenged us to list our 2nd favorite of the following items:  movie, book, album, school teacher, ice cream flavor, sports team, comfort food, celebrity crush, cartoon character and way to relax. In addition, if we feel like it, we can add in any other second favorite we like.  It's hard for me to pick a top favorite on some of these items, but I'll still give it a shot. So here goes:

2nd Favorite Movie: "Fight Club" with Brad Pitt and Edward Norton. I love a movie that can actually surprise me. This one threw me for a loop. Every time I watch it, I pick up something that I didn't previously catch.

2nd Favorite Book: "Waking the Dead" by Scott Spencer. I actually saw the movie first and loved the movie so much that I bought the book. The movie didn't really make a big splash but was so incredible that I had to read the book and it didn't disappoint me either. Again, it's one of those stories that surprises you and makes you think.  Scott Spencer also wrote "Endless Love" which was turned into a movie.

2nd Favorite Album: Movies, Books, and Music are the hardest things for me to select. I have such diverse tastes. So, for this category I decided to think of what music I would want with me if I were on a deserted island and could only pick two. I could listen to Styx - Greatest Hits all day long and not be bored so that's how it made the cut.

2nd Favorite School Teacher: Another toughy! But, I'll select my 6th grade teacher in Pennsylvania - Mr. Cooper. I moved there that year and he took me under his wing.

2nd Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: This was actually my favorite ice cream as a child but got bumped to second place by Breyers All Natural Vanilla. My grandparents would take us to a place called Greenwood Dairies and I always ordered Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream. -- Yum!

2nd Favorite Sports Team: I really don't follow sports all that much. I usually just support the local team. So, I'll select the Spurs as my 2nd since I lived in San Antonio and used to follow them when I lived there.

2nd Favorite Comfort Food: I'm not really a comfort food kind of person. But, who wouldn't choose chocolate (except for Irun) as number one. However, when I'm sick I love WonTon Soup, so I'll pick that as my 2nd.

2nd Favorite Celebrity Crush: Growing up he was number one but got pushed to second place when Brad Pitt came along. As such, my second favorite is Jon BonJovi (sorry Lisa).

2nd Favorite Cartoon Character: I'm not a big fan of cartoons. So this is a real challenge for me. But, I guess I'll go with Pepperment Patty.

2nd Favorite Way to Relax: I'm not exactly a relaxing kind of person. I am either engaged in what I am doing or I am sleeping.  But, I'll go for watching movies as my second favorite.

For extra credit, I will add one more 2nd Favorite thing.

2nd Favorite Masked Vulgarity: This is a toughy! There are so many. But, I guess I'll have to pick Dang Nabbit!


screaminremo303 said...

Brad Pitt? Jon BonJovi? Me thinks Robbie likes the Bad-boys..
The masked vulgarity in our home (kids) is "Fudge Monkey!" It came from my dyslexic attempt to utter some sanitized version of the MF when I dropped a blender on my foot.

karensull12 said...

Are you trying to get extra credit with that last one?  Yeah, I thought so...

bridgetteleigh75 said...

LOL ~ I want to do this too...but I'll have to give this some serious thought.  I'm not even sure what my 1st favorite is on several of these categories.  But you had some great choices, Dang Nabbit!  <grin>

sistercdr said...

Great list.  I love the dang nabbit, I usually just fo with dag nabbit, though, guess that's a southern thing.

andreakingme said...

Heh! I love the extra credit question. Wish I'd thought of it. My favorite masked vulgarity? Effin coldhearted sucker lickers.

lisbnjvi said...

No need to apologize about Jon being your number 2 pick!  Believe me, he has gone down to that notch a few times for me, especially when Hugh Jackman hit the scene!  And, Brad Pitt, YUMMY!  Actually Jon may still be #2 for me! LOL!  Since I already did a question answer thingie on my journal for the day, I will save this one until tomorrow to do!  They are definately tough ones!
Hugs and love, Lisa

quroboros said...

Nice job on this list and I couldn't read them without automatically wondering what your #1 choices were!  Still working on mine, but gawd I just hate doing these personality-based topics.  I'll have to let the monkeys out and see what we come up with.  ¤Holly

alphawoman1 said...

I am really enjoying these assignments.  I was stumped on the music one also. I can list off my fav, but after that.......Celebrity crush is funny.  I'm hesitant to admit mine.  That is admitting that there are two! Ha. have a great week end

aiibrat said...

this whole 2nd thing is throwing me for a loop...however, your list are some things I consider favorites too: chocolate (can never go wrong!!!), Fight Club (Edward Norton, Brad just never did it for me).  

Only thing I find strange is the Won-ton soup thing, other people have said they crave or want the soup when they are sick, is there some medicinal properties that I'm not aware of??? Hmmm.  Food for thought.

lucylouladybug said...

Great list Robbie!  I love Fight Club, and like you, every time I watch it I pick up something new.  Great quotable movie too.  I loved Styx as a teenager, saw them in concert 3 times.  I used a masked word of ill repute as my extra credit too!

Love, Penny

indigosunmoon said...

My second favorite masked vulgarity is "Ah Poopie Drawers!"   Great list Robbie!

lamove04 said...

First off, glad my journal gave you a chuckle yesterday... I could definitely see us hanging out together, based on what I've read here so far. Marriage is a pretty big commitment and I'm very concerned with Upholding the Sanctity of the Institution right now. So let's give it another week or two before we decide, ok Robbie?

Like the list. Ed Norton is sexier than Brad Pitt for me. Wonton Soup is da Bomb- but you have to go to NYC to get the best.  :-)  Albert

miarenee24 said...

I loved your list Robbie. (thanks for reminding me that I got last weekend's assignment done just in time to be late, and there is now a new one to do... lol!)

LOL! Dang Nabbit! I hate to admit this, but I don't mask vulgarities as much as I should. I just say what comes to mind. But...I'm working on it.

would you believe I haven't seen the Fighting Club? Now, it's on my list to rent after you and Penny talked about it..

(I'm working on my list in my head, right now) :)


goldenchildnc said...

UGH! I can't keep up with these things. Still haven't done the first one yet but I promised I would so I guess I'll have to. And your list confirms what I've known all along: you're nutty as the day is long! LOL! But I love ya anyway :-)

ggal3133 said...

mmmmmm Jon Bon Jovi! I loved Bon Jovi in HS and since they made a "comeback" a few years ago my dd really likes them too. Only it blew her mind when I told her that I use to listen to them growing up, she actually gasped! lol That's a 12 year old for ya :)

stephweiss said...

Whenever I hear "dang nabbit" I always think of Elmer Fudd & Buggs Bunny. Be vewwy vewwy qwiet, dang nabbit!"

krobbie67 said...

ELMER FUDD: I so forgot about him! I love Elmer Fudd. He should have been #2. Oh well. Shoot the wabbit…shoot the wabbit…. ;-)

GGAL: Yeah it’s pretty funny how a lot of things that were popular when I was younger are back around now. But, it’s making me feel kind of old!

GREGG: I’m seriously studying how in the world my list would give someone the impression that I’m nutty?? Not arguing with the fact that I am but how can you tell from my list?

MIA: I’m looking forward to reading your list. And I’m trying to wipe the thoughts of you with a very thick southern accent cussing up a storm. Definitely watch Fight Club. It was nothing like I thought it would be. I saw it in the theater and was probably the only girl in there at the time. I think everyone thought it was a boxing movie. But, it’s not that at all.

ALBERT: When you make the move to LA let me know. I’m sure we could paint the town purple. I liked the body of Ed Norton in American History X but otherwise he’s a little scrawny. But, I wouldn’t kick him out of bed for eating crackers. ;-)

INDIGO: My hears!!! You’re masked vulgar mouth is too harsh for me. LOL ;-)

PENNY: Funny I was watching Fight Club the other day and thought that it has some really great quotes in it! Evil minds think alike. Bruhaha!! ;-)

AIIBRAT: I think Won-ton soup is the Asian equivalence of homemade chicken noodle – only better.

Mary: Music, Books, Movies and Men are always tough selections. So many to choose from, so little time!! ;-)

krobbie67 said...

HOLLY: My #1s…Let’s see. They are:
Fave Move: Blade Runner – Director: Ridley Scott Actor: Rutger Hauer :::slurp:::
Fave Book: I am the cheese. by Robert Cormier (It’s the 1st book I read that I fell in love with)
Fave Album: Bat out of Hell by Meatloaf
Fave Teach: Mrs. W who I did the earlier entry about.
Fave Ice Cream: Breyers All Natural Vanilla
Fave Sports Team: Lakers – of course
Fave Comfort Food: Egg Noodles with cottage cheese. – Dark chocolate if we’re talking chocolate.
Fave Celeb Crush: Brad Pitt yummers
Fave Cartoon Character: Winnie the Pooh – He’d be considered a cartoon. Right?
Fave Way to Relax: Sleeping
Fave Masked Vulgarity: Dang Gone It!

LISA – LISBNJVI: Jon #2???? I thought you were prez of his fan club or something. It’s tough putting him to number 2 but there’s just something about the Bradster that makes me hum.

ANDREA: I forgot about f’in. One of my faves too! Let’s here it for masked vulgarities!

SISTERCDR: I’ve lived all over that my speech patterns get all goofed up. But, I’m pretty sure I get the “ing” in there.

BRIDGETT: You better do it. Dang Gone It! [my #1 favorite – by the way]

KAREN: Yeah, you know the deal! ;-)

krobbie67 said...

REMO: You fudge monkey you!! I like good boys who know how to be bad-boys when the moment calls for it. There’s a time and a place for everything. Believe it, or not, I am not much of a cusser. And, I don’t think I’ve ever used the MF word. It just sounds so vulgar. I’ll drop an F-bomb on rare occasion. But, I stick to the basics like shit, damn, hell and piss. But, in my book piss isn’t a bad word. ;-)

STEPHWEISS: I answered your comment down below. But, woops, I called you Elmer Fudd. Sorry! Brain Fart! ;-)

txsguinan said...

Loved your list!  Won ton soup would be a great comfort food ~ I never even would have thought of it.  And going to the movies; if I do my homework, can I steal this one?

How brave that you admit to liking Styx; people roll their eyes every time I start wailing "I'm...SAILING...A-WAY..."  :)

freeepeace said...

Excellent list of 2nd faves [and faves too, in below comments].  Peppermint Patty!  She ROCKS!  I love Brad Pitt and Ed Norton. Yum!  Vanilla is my top choice for ice cream too.  My fave comfort food is mashed potatoes though. I love chocolate but I dunno, I think I'd choose the mp's.  And my 2nd fave masked vulgarity: Muther Father.  Right behind See You Next Tuesday.  :P

haikulike said...

Love your extra credit--and as for Fight Club, Brad and Edward are absolutely TIED for first place celebrities for me.  American History X might be my 1st fave movie, though.  See my weekend assignment at Cyberdancer--totally barebones.  And you are now linked in Interactive Haiku!  Yay YOU!  

krobbie67 said...

MUMSY: I loved American History X. Fantastic movie. I think that should be required viewing for high school students. Thanks for the link in ¡§Interactive Haiku!¡¨ I didn¡¦t realize there was some bennie for posting something. Too bad I messed up the Haiku I did though. Those things are tough!

FREEE: ¡§See you next Tuesday¡¨ „²- I¡¦ve never heard of that one. But, in my book that¡¦s a vulgarity since I go to school on Tuesdays. :-) My grandfather used to say (as a joke mostly) ¡§ Cheese and Crackers ¡V got all muddy.¡¨

TXSGUINAN: Steal away. Brave to choose Styx? Doesn¡¦t everybody love Styx? Well, except for Mr. Roboto. That song gets on my nerves.

babyshark28 said...

LOL---dang nabbit!! funny.
what cartoon character said that...hmmm.  Mine is, "Fudge"
or "poo"  ha.  great list.  I only picked things that were current.  Since I can never remember that far back.  that's why I enjoy reading everyone lists...then I say to myself..."Oh, yea!"  

great job. :)

krobbie67 said...

BABYSHARK: Somebody said Elmer Fudd was the author of my favorite masked vulgarity. ::shrugs shoulders::: Sounds right to me. It was hard selecting most of my answers. I reserve the right to change my mind. ;-)