Monday, April 26, 2004

Monday Morning Ramblings

It's been a nice weekend for a change. I am beginning to feel so much better. My sinus congestion is not nearly as bad as it has been the past month. And, I think the antibiotics that I am taking are doing what ever work on my body that they were suppose to do. I didn't get much done on Saturday though. I planned on running around taking care of so much stuff that I've put off but when I got up I was feeling really dizzy and off-balance. I think it's because the congestion is breaking up and had my equilibrium all wacked out. However, yesterday I was feeling pretty darn good and actually got a lot of things done, most importantly I got about 6 loads of laundry done. I still have a ton of school work to do though. But, I'm beginning to feel good and motivated again. Woohoo!

I've been messing around with my sidebar. I need everyone's help though. I was told by someone that my graphics are overlapping. On my screen, they do not appear that way to me. If you don't mind, take a look and let me know what you see. Thanks!

It's funny how this journal has evolved since I first started writing here. Increasingly, it is becoming much more interactive. Somedays, I feel like I am writing to someone instead of just rambling about what is on my mind. But, that's cool. I like growth and change. I think it's good for the soul.

I've decided to change things up even more which will make it even more interactive. But, I'll need a little help. I've decided to do an audio entry one day a week. However, trying to think of something to say is a challenge. This is where you come in. Are there any questions that you have for me? Anything - leave them in the comments and over the next several weeks I will answer them via an audio entry.

In addition, there is a book that I bought a while ago called "The Big Book of If..." by Evelyn McFarlane & James Saywell. The subtitle says "Questions for the Game of Life and Love." I kept an offline journal before I started this online one and thought the book would help me explore some topics. I haven't used it yet. I thought it would be fun to start using it here one day a week. The book was written to be used as a sort of game to be played amongst friends. The book-jacket says it is "packed with more than 1,500 stirring, provocative, conversation-kicking-starting questions about life, love, and what makes us who we are." Some of the questions, are a bit too provocative to answer here, but some are pretty interesting. Anyone who wants to "play" along can answer the question posed either in their own journal or here in the comments section.

Have a great Monday!


karensull12 said...

Your sidebar looks great.  It's not overlapping.  I like the idea of changing things up in your journal.  Some people don't like the interactive thing, but I do.  And if something doesn't appeal to me, I just don't do it.  That's the fun part of journaling--it's owr very own thing.

alphawoman1 said...

I like the interactive feel of AOL-J land.  I look forward to more of it.  We cna have it all, can't we!!! You know I have a problem with audio.  I'm thinking of a new it in my future?  I hope so.  Thanks for the very nice surprise Saturday....wait for your payback!

deabvt said...

Great Pic, Robbie, I hope you continue to feel Better!
Can`t wait For Audio!

lisbnjvi said...

Re:  the sidebar, after "Places I have visited" it gets all blurry and I can't read it, but other than that, everything is there, no overlapping.  I think that's a great idea about posting a question once a week AND leaving a voice journal entry once a week.  Before you know it, you may be the next John Scalzi!  Hee-hee!  Glad you are feeling better!
Hugs and love, Lisa

screaminremo303 said...

The sidebar looks great to me, but I use AOL so what do I know about quality? Me too on the idea of interactive use. I learned my lesson on the questions though, I don't think I want to know what makes the J-Women tick! :)

stephweiss said...

Just don't make your assignments harder than Scalzi's & I'm in hehehehe

plieck30 said...

My question is---Where in Texas did you live? Paula

rbushu said...

Robbie, what a great picture! I loved your comment in Moe's journal. It's fun to stir things up a bit around here. And I know he loves it when you question his Top Dog status. Woo Hoo! Bring it, Money Ho(ney).

aiibrat said...

Love the new look in your journal.  I think the sidebar looks just right.  

babyshark28 said...

I want to play!  :)
and  I am glad your sinus congestion is soo much better, there is--almost--nothing worse.

uberdude333 said...

ubers freaky assignment

lamove04 said...

Hey Robbie: Beautiful photo, I love NA-TCHA.  I'd love to play "What If", I think I've seen that book.

The verdict's out on the smiley site, I think they're ok, just that I was messing up how to use the program and proceeded to somehow jam up my 'puter temporarily.
Cheers, Albert

goldenchildnc said...

That's a gorgeous image my dear! :-) And I like the spice you've added to your sidebar. I haven't noticed any of your images overlapping though that happens to me on occasion if I view my journal with the window maximized. I maximized this window and saw nothing out of the ordinary. I'm game for whatever you wanna do with your journal. I like the idea of an audio entry. It'd be great to hear your voice! And my question for you is: What do YOU think about ME? LMAO! :-)

ggal3133 said...

Beautiful pic and I really like your sidebar. I'm glad that your starting to feel better. Those questions could be fun!

jlreynolds said...

I love the "Questions..." idea!  And by the way - your graphics do not overlap on my screen, either.  Is it possible that the person saying they do has their screen resolution set to a lower number?  If so, that enlarges the size of items on the screen and on some web pages (like the soccer pages I did for my kids), it causes images to shift over and downward...

quroboros said...

I love your new look & admire your efforts to upgrade.  (Howd'ja do that?)  I posted ONE pic way back that was a bit too large and BOOM, my margins have been altered ever since.. even after I deleted it.  Hmm, just can't suss this crap.)  ¤Holly

mlraminiak said...

Everyone's really going for these snazzy upgrades on their journals.  I'm lucky I can get a picture to download without looking all pixel-y.  Lovely pictures, Robbie!

Your game sounds fun.  Love to play...  Lisa  :-]

karynetaylor said...

Journal looks great, you got the overlapping thing solved, if it was there. If people open journals in not-very-wide windows, or at lower resolutions (as mentioned below) they will get weird wrapping issues going on.

I have a small hardbook called "IF" that I picked up EONS ago at a bookstore near Harvard while we were waiting to be seated at a restaurant. I had it while we waited near the restaurant and we had half the crowd involved in a question/answer session as I flipped through and read them out loud.

I had thought about doing questions in the journal, so look forward to you doing the work!!

~ Karyn

snkwarren said...

All of your sideboards look great to me.  I like the new look!! Kristi

krobbie67 said...

KRISTI: Thanks!

KARYNETAYLOR: Thanks for the input. It’s probably the same book. There are actually three in that series and the book I bought contains them all. I think it could be fun. :::shrugs::::

MLRAMINIAK: Thanks. I’m not a computer expert. I just mess around and see what comes of it. Glad to hear you’re up for the game.

HOLLY: I’d tell you how I did it but you would probably have to kill me. His1Desire suggested setting up a test journal for trying stuff out. So, I try to do new stuff there first to make sure I don’t mess up my journal. In my links there is a link called AOL-J Help. There are journals there that give tips and lessons on what to do.

JLREYNOLDS: Ah, those soccer pages are yours. When I went looking for your J, I found those. And, what’s this about songwriting? Is that you too?

GGAL: Thanks! Hopefully this will be fun! ---hopefully

GREGG: Your question shall be next in the line-up. Thanks for the input regarding the sidebar since you’re the master sidebar expert. I’m only imitating, inadequately I might add, what I’ve seen you do.

ALBERT: I Love NA-TCHA myself. “What if” coming up.  Get some sleep dude.

UBERDUDE: Your assignment is a good one but I’m a chicken shit. I don’t want to see dead people. Although, I did see that little boy once.

krobbie67 said...

BABYSHARK: I’m glad you want to play. It’s no fun playing alone. :-( As far as sinus congestion goes, it seems that I have it year-round now but I can think of a lot of things that are worse so I shouldn’t whine too much.

AIIBRAT: Thanks! I had to do a little redecorating. I was getting bored with the plain blue walls.

ROBIN: I’m not a Ho! Well, maybe a money ho! It’s fun to stir things up but I added my spice unintentionally. But, watch out from here on out. ;-)

PAULA: Question answered! Thanks for being brave and asking. Didn’t get many so it will probably be a short lived series. ;-)

STEPHWEISS: No assignments here. Just some fun if you choose to accept the mission. ;-)

SCREAMO: Well, you shouldn’t ask what you’re not ready for the answers to.  

LISA: Actually, it’s “Places I have lived” It sounds like you have your files compressed and that’s why they are blurry. Thanks for the input. Not looking to be the next Scalzi. He’s a pro – I’m just trying to find a way to keep things interesting while school gets busy.

VINCE: Thank you! I am feeling better. The sinus congestion hasn’t gone completely and I don’t think it never will.

ALPHAWOMAN: We can have it all! If you can’t eat your cake, what’s the sense in having it. I heard that recently and really like the saying. :::rubbing crystal ball:::: I see at the very least a sound card (I think that’s what it’s called)  in your future. Mucho grassy ass to you my friend!

KAREN: Thanks! You are always so supportive and I really appreciate that.

slowmotionlife said...

OK.. a few things here.

Re: Dizziness and congestion.  I had this last fall.  Almost fell on my face a few times because of it. [Severe!]  Turns out I had fluid build-up in my inner ear.  If it gets worse, see a doctor.  Some sinus meds could help too.. dry you out.

Re: Sidebar.  Looks great to me.  No overlapping.

Re: Question.  Have you ever been arrested?  And if so, for what?

If the answer is no, I reserve the right to ask another question.  [Shuttit, woman! I make the rules!]  :P

freeepeace said...

My question is twofold:  When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up and NOW what do you want to be when you're grown up?  Oh, I guess those are two separate questions.

krobbie67 said...

FREEE: What’s with you and Slo trying to bend the rules? I’ll had your “two-fold” question to the line-up. Thanks. There haven’t been many asking.

SLO: Thanks for the input (dare I say the word advice?) I did see my doctor. She gave me some antibiotics. I’m feeling better even though the congestion is still there. I think so long as I am in Los Angeles with all the dust and smog, I will forever be plagued by it. I pretty much take sinus meds year-round.

Good question. I’ll add it to the list. I figure if someone plays the game they can have a say in the rules. So bring them on. ;-)