Saturday, February 07, 2004

Random Ruminations

I'm working on a case analysis of Berkshire Hathaway's purchase of GEICO. I'm sure you're saying: HUH???? I feel the same way right now. So, I thought I'd share a little bit here to clear my mind of numbers and annual reports and boring crap like that.

I found something funny when I was checking out the GEICO website. The company gecko that you see in all their commercials has started a blog. It's new and only has two entries, but it's cute.  Check it out.




Another funny to share is a Texas proverb that I received from my mom via email. I guess Forest Gump was wrong.

I'm just having a blast of a Saturday. Back to the books I go. I want to get this finished today so I can actually have some real fun tomorrow without the ass burn. ;-) Hope...hope....hope....






linus131999 said...

lol ill have to check it out sorry i havent been around reading ur journal i guess life got a hold to me

mw15mw99 said...

HUH???? You are right... I am saying Huh?????
This is so cute!!!!! the TX Proverb, and the link to the Gecko Blog. Thanks for sharing. Makes me smile. Hope you get a break tomorrow and have a little fun.
I wish I knew how to insert these graphics like you do. Have a good evening.

lilzoobie said...

I loved reading your journal! Great pictures too. Have added a link to yours in mine,
Will have to check out that Geico website. ~Ann

musenla said...

Berkshire Hathaway, I'm familiar with it, the company owned by gazillionaire Warren Buffett. Interesting case study. That's a "spicy" twist on Forrest Gump, lol.

babyshark28 said...

your right...huh? lol
I hope you have a fun day tomorrow and thanks for sharing your TX proverb! ha!