Saturday, February 28, 2004


I'm feeling pretty tired tonight. I came home and slept for about an hour but it doesn't seem that it helped any. I feel more tired now than I did before I rested. I was hoping to get through all the journals I'm behind on tonight but it seems we have some very prolific writers out there.

It's been a rough week for me, but a good week. I have low-blood sugar and it's been out of wack since Wednesday night. I've had it since I was a kid so you would think I would have a grip on it, but it's such a strange thing. Sometimes I can go months without having "an episode" and other times it's something I fight on a daily basis. Wednesday really threw me because I've never had two episodes happen in such a short period of time. Wednesday night about 10pm my blood sugar dropped. I got myself a glass of milk which usually is slower to work but is a good quickie and will sustain an even level better than drinking juice. Thursday morning as I was getting ready for work, it decided to drop again. I'm suppose to eat 4 to 6 small meals a day but I've never been one to be able to eat that often. I think that's why I'm feeling so tired today though. My body is still trying to get back on track.

I ran into The Man at work again this week. It's been a long time since our paths have crossed. I said hi, he said hi, and we went about our business. I spent the entire day fighting the urge to barge into his office and ask him out.

It got me to thinking. I don't think I have ever asked a guy out. I can be pretty forward. I have no problem talking or making eyes at someone. But, to actually lay it on the line and say hey would you like to grab a drink or something. Nope! I can't recall a time.

I'm not afraid of rejection, for the most part, anyhow. I don't like it but it doesn't traumatize me. I just don't get how guys can do it though. How they have to do it all the time. If I bite the bullet and ask him out, how awkward would it be if he's married, or not batting in the same ballpark as me! That's what kept me from going for broke with this guy. I don't run into him often, but it would be awkward in the future if I was way off mark in asking him out.

I'm curious if any of the women out there have bit the bullet and asked a guy out. What is your take on it? How was the outcome for you? I'd also love to hear from you guys too! What do you do? Do you wish women would be that bold?

I'm a pretty aggressive person, which I think can intimidate guys sometimes. So, I weigh whether or not I want to step out and take that kind of lead from the get go. Does that make any sense?


rinakatay21 said...

Ohhh boys! Hmm..well, I say strike up a conversation with him. Start talking about something...anything...just get past the hi! See where it goes, try to dig around..see if there is a woman...and definitely end it by 'Hey, we should get a drink sometime..." etc. etc. Easier said than done I know! But certainly talk to him a little more and see where it goes! What do you have to lose?

itsjustusinnc said...

Now it's so funny you brought this up. I was actually thinking about how most guys always brace themselves for rejection by constantly asking women out & how they just bounce right back & don't take the "no" to heart. I agree with the last poster here. I would get past the stereotypical greeting first before being direct. Alot of guys can be put off by women with so much spirit. But then again, who wants those kind of dudes anyway. LOL! Something I teach my salesmen is to expect the person to say no. Expect them not to be interested in the slightest & form your "battle plan" according to that scenario, but have your back-up ready in the off-chance they say "yes." I dunno. I'm probably not the best person to ask, because I've rarely approached a guy that way & the girls made it obvious they were waiting for me to ask them out, so... :-)


freeepeace said...

I struggle with wacky blood sugar levels too. Hypo- hyper- all of it. You've been busy - working and schooling [and journaling]. Be sure to take care of yourself. At least try to do that grazing throughout the day that you're "supposed" to do. [good advice for me too] :)

As for asking guys out ... The one guy I was REALLY interested in, I asked him out! We went on one date and stayed together for 2 1/2 years. I say, if there's interest, why let it pass? I would ask a friend to dinner - why should it be different for a romantic interest? Just be YOU. That's who you'll ultimately be anyway [eventually] so why put up a front for romance? :)

sistercdr said...

I learned how to ask guys out in college. I belonged to a sorority that held regular dances. Since we were hosting, it was up to us girls to find our own dates. Having an event already in mind made it easier. It felt like I was fitting the guy into my plans rather than building plans around the guy.

deabvt said...

Robbie,That was a terrific Trick..."The Man"..sent me directly to Info post on him.

bridgetteleigh75 said...

I've never asked a guy out. I think maybe because I'm rather old-fashioned and like to be pursued, rather than the other way around. I am a terrible flirt, however. LOL

As for guys...I'm sure they probably enjoy being asked out occasionally. Everybody likes to feel wanted. =)

XO ~ Bridgett

miarenee24 said...

I like the way Gregg put it, I would have never thought of it that way. If you prefer to be pursued, one of my tricks when I was single was, I'd bake cookies for him (save a few for yourself). That way, it opens the door for them to ask you, just in case they are afraid to. If they don't ask..well, no harm done in baking cookies for a friend and you have cookies on hand when you feel down in the dumps :P

karensull12 said...

I haven't ever asked a man out, because I've been married practically all my life, but I think you should just engage this man in a conversation and then make a suggestion to meet for drinks or something later on. If you don't ask, the answer is always no...

lucylouladybug said...

I have asked guys out before, but it's not something I do on a regular basis...Hell, that's face it, THEY don't ask me out on a regular basis! But that's really my problem. But if I found a guy that I think might be interested on going to a movie or out to eat, I'd ask. It's not like I'm asking him to marry me, hehheee!
And as long as they don't start calling me all damn day, then we all just get along!
Love, Penny

lucylouladybug said...

sorry about the double thing, opppps, damn dial-up!

slowmotionlife said...

Just ask him out already! He'll probably be relieved and excited to be asked!! And that's just their lot in life. Ours is periods and childbirth. They gotta have SOME torture, right? LoL JOKE!!

Rest up, hon. Take care of yourself. That comes first. :)

queenz43 said...

First things first. 1. Hope the blood sugar eventually got under control. Take care of yourself Robbie. 2. Glad to see you back if only briefly. 3. Just take a chance. Robbie, if your words here in Journal-land are anyway indicative of your whole person, this guy would be fortunate to get to know you at all. Better to go for it than to wonder what could have happend if you don't. You might be pleasantly surprised. And if nothing else, your self-confidence in that area will soar!!!!!

musenla said...

It's tough eating 4-6 times a day, but probably energy bars will do the trick?

The only time I've asked a guy out was for coffee. He was a colleague and we were on a seminar break. Turned out he's gay, lol. No matter, he's a good friend now. =D