Saturday, January 03, 2004


Yeeha!! I made it back in one piece and didn't have to kick any psycho butt to get home. Although, I almost roughed up this old lady at the airport. She tried to cut in front of me at the baggage claim. I had my place all staked out and somehow or another wound up with her squeezing between me and the guy to my left. Luckily, grandma re-evaluated her game plan and went elsewhere since our carts were beginning to have a fight of their own. Sad to say, but had she stood back and been a little less pushy, I would have gladly grabbed her bags for her. But, you think I would offer while I was fighting for my territory. Bruhaha. Hell no!
Obviously, I'm tired. Otherwise, I normally wouldn't delight in roughing up old ladies. I really am nicer than that. Really!!! I am.

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