Sunday, January 18, 2004

Troy - Starring Brad Pitt - Opens May 14, 2004

I love Brad Pitt! How could anyone not. Look at those Biceps!!!

However, it's not just his mid-western, pretty boy looks that makes my heart go thumpity thump, it's his acting. I don't think there's enough talk about his acting ability. The focus is always on his looks.

The first time I realized how incredible of an actor he is, was when I saw the movie Kalifornia. His pretty boy looks were hidden behind the greasy, dark-haired psycho that he was playing.

There's not a movie that he has been in that I haven't liked, some more than others though. Some of my favorites that also are representative of his diverse acting ability are Sleepers, Legends of the Fall, Se7en, Twelve Monkeys, and Fight Club.

Brad will play Achilles in the movie Troy, which opens nationwide in only 117 days. I think this will be a hard role to pull off. The grand epics always seem to be the most difficult to convey on the big-screen. But, my doubts will not hold me back. I'll be there. Will you?

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