Thursday, January 01, 2004

Is this what you call a funk?

I've been in a strange sort of mood today. I feel restless and lazy all at the same time. I am craving to read. To read a really good book that I can get lost in. My mom has nothing to read around here.

I'm ready to get home back to my normal routine. I'm thinking about all the stuff left undone at my new apartment, all the other things I'd like to do before school starts in February.

So what did I do today? Did I write in my journal? No! It's not that I'm at a loss for words. I've got a list of items that I keep to write about sometime. Did I write about them? No! I guess I feel too restless to give any of the topics justice. I did watch the movie Seabiscuit today. I fell asleep while watching it. Actually, I've slept most of the day. But, I saw enough of the movie that I want to get the book and read it too.

I go back to Debbie's tomorrow and I leave for Los Angeles on Saturday. I guess it's time. Time for this respite to be over, time for my life to continue, to really begin the new year and not exist in limbo anymore.

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