Friday, January 02, 2004

I don't want to grow up!

Lake Superior State University has taken it upon itself to suggest that certain words be banished from the English language. Have they heard of Free Speech? This makes me mad as hell. But, I must admit, it has nothing to do with Free Speech. I just learned one of the banned words: Metrosexual. Thanks to my male counterpart journaler Robby.

I, being the lame childless grown-up that I am, tend to be extremely behind on all things bling-bling (another banned word). By the time a fashion trend, new music, or lingo makes it my way, it's lost it's luster. This is just another reminder that I have indeed grown-up. Damn! When did this happen and why do the young have to continuously slap it in my face? I refuse to grow up! I really am a Toys-R-US kid. I am!

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