Friday, November 14, 2003

A little bit of nothing

Yesterday was nuts! I guess that's why I vegged the night away roaming the halls of journaldom. I didn't want to think and do homework. I was plugging away at work trying to get a bunch of reports done that I'm behind on -- still haven't found a new assistant but the wheels are in motion to get one again. The Prez called and asked me to change the locks. Apparently, they are in disagreement with our IT Contractor and found out he flew into town. I called the building manager and got the wheels in motion.

Well, some fool sent us close to cash in the mail. Yes, can you believe it?! Well, we only accept checks as most of our payments come from our suppliers. So, I had to run up to the bank and make a deposit. Plus, I've had a check for the Petty Cash sitting in my drawer for 2 weeks that I haven't had time to get cashed. So off I went.

I get back to my desk and begin doing an analyis of the Sales Orders for October when in walks the IT guy like nothing is going on. All hell breaks loose. I'm running around making phone calls trying to find out exactly what the situation is and why he is here. Talking to him, calling the VP, calling the Prez's assistant, talking to him, talking to our Network Administrator, babysitting Mr. IT as he clears out his desk. Talk about awkward. Luckily, the Prez's assistant shows up and relieves me of my duty, just in time to set up for the Sexual Harrasment Training session that is to begin at 5:30.

I rush out of there by 6:00 to go look at an apartment in Studio City. I fall in love with the apartment and beg the lady, literally, to not give the apartment to someone else. So, cross your fingers, toes, eyes and whatever else that I get this apartment. It's absolutely perfect for me. It's large, has a refrigerator, and a huge walk-in closet (muy importante!). I redeemed myself from the night before and called Mr. Coffee. We had a nice conversation and will still be meeting up on Sunday. I told him I might need to shift our time. He said he didn't care just so long as we got to spend some kind of time together. Wow! Isn't that sweet. So -- we'll see.

I've got to go. Let's see what kind of crazy befalls me today.

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