Saturday, October 25, 2003

My Name

Anyhow, I've been asked how I got a name like Robbie, being that I am a female. I ponder on giving the short or long version but hopefully, this will fall somewhere in between. :-)

I was named after my father. His name is George Robert but he goes by Robert or Bob. So, I am Roberta. However, I've been called Robbie since the day I was born. I really don't identify with the name Roberta at all. The only person who calls me Roberta is my other older brother, Chris. Or, should I call him Christopher? At some point in time, he decided all of our childhood nicknames were immature and he started calling me Roberta. But wait, he calls Andrew, Andy. And, I believe, he calls himself Chris instead of Christopher. It's just my younger brother, Johnny and me that he decided to start calling by our given names. Hmmm, something to think about. Why?

Well, anyhow, as you've probably calculated by now, I have three brothers. Here's the kicker: No sisters. Yes, no sisters. I am the only girl, who was named after her father. Why would anyone name their only daughter after her father? I've often wondered. I honestly believe my mother didn't want any girls is what it comes down to.

I think it's also a bit of family tradition. My mother was named after her father too. To give my mom some credit, she named Johnny after his father. But, Chris and Andy are arbitrary names that come from no one. Chris' middle name is Martin, after my mom and her father.

I wonder what kind of person I would have become had I been named Georgia or Georgeanna?

I've recently had thoughts that maybe a name like Robbie hurts me when it comes to relationships with men. I've had the worst luck with men. I just can't seem to get a relationship from point A to B. I'm constantly attracting men who are deceptive. That's a nice way of saying f'in liars. LOL.

Of course my name has nothing to do with why I attract liars. But, I have thought if guys have problems relating to having a woman who has a man's name. I know it's given girlfriends problems in the past when they tell their significant others that they are doing such and such with Robbie. The jealous response is "Who's Robbie?"

Funny, I ask the same thing...Who is Robbie?

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